Old West

Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd

A few months ago I completed painting some 28mm American bison. We still call them “buffalo” out here. The miniatures are by 3 manufacturers, Dixon, Knuckleduster, & Westwind/Old Glory.

The herd rumbles into the valley.

The buffalo mix well together with the ones from Knuckleduster being slightly smaller. The sculpts from Westwind & Dixon are running whereas the Knuckleduster sculpts are grazing.

Comparison: Left to Right, Dixon, Westwind, Knuckleduster

The Dixon buffalo are sold as individual miniatures. Westwind & Knucklebuster both sell their buffalo in sets of five miniatures. Both of these sets are supposed to contain 4 adult animals & 1 calf. The calf in the Westwind set is actually a young adult, while the calf in the Knuckleduster set is an actual “yellow calf.”

The Westwind buffalo
The Knuckleduster herd
The “yellow calf”

And finally, a comparison picture with a 28mm human miniature from Foundry’s Street Violence range with the appropriate roller skates.

Can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd…