Goals for 2012?

It’s a new year, a time to plan new projects & renew ones that have stalled. This year I’m going to actually set some goals for my hobby. Here is what I’m planning:

1. Painting. I have close to 2,000 unpainted or partially painted 28mm figures & at least that many in 15mm & 6mm. I plan to paint at least 20 figures a week.

My Painting Area

2. Terrain. I have lots of files of paper terrain on my computer waiting to be printed & assembled. In addition, I have commercial terrain that needs touching up & bits & pieces of things to create terrain items for the table top. I plan to complete 1 terrain piece each week.

3. Blogging. I plan to make at least one blog entry complete with pictures each week.

4. Sales. I plan to sell all 15mm figures, all 6mm figures, & at least 1/2 of the 28mm figures from my collection this year.

Individual projects:

5. 5150 New Beginnings. I need to assemble terrain & figures to game a campaign using this great set of rules. Current plans are to center the campaign around the careers & lives of 2 women: Pearl, a street operative security consultant & Azumi, a Xeog archeologist.

5150 Characters: Pearl, Vivian, & Azumi
Pearl, Vivian, & Azumi from the back

6. The last Comanche Moon. Campaigns on the Southern Plains from the signing of the Medicine Lodge treaty in 1867 to the defeat of the Comanche in 1875. Need both mounted & dismounted figures. Would love to run games from this campaign at conventions this year.

Quanah Parker & Dohauson II (Little Bluff II)
Dohauson & Quanah dismounted
4th Cavalry Patrol
Dismounted Cavalry

7. Thrice Nine Years. Hoplite warfare covering the 2 Peloponnesian wars. Will use a mash-up of the rules Hoplomachia & Rally Round the King.

The ultimate goal:

9. Have something I’ve written get published this year.


No new periods. I will only buy figures & terrain pieces needed for the above projects. I’m serious about purging my collection. I have to realize that there are some periods & projects that I don’t have the time or resources to collect.

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  1. Good post and great goals. I’m particularly interested in “Thrice Nine Years”. I have Hoplomachia floating around somewhere on my computer and thought that all of the Perfect Captain stuff was pretty cool. I’ll be following your blog.

    Sean (from the THW yahoo group)

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