5150: Science Fiction, Miscellaneous

Progress Report with Hishen!

I did complete 20 figures this week & refurbished a piece of terrain. I hope I can keep this pace up for a while. They are already asking for GMs to host games at this year’s Texicon in July. I really don’t want to commit to running a game yet without having most of the figures painted. Anyway this is where I stand this week on my 9 goals.

1. Painting. The bulk of my figures are partially painted, so it isn’t as hard to get 20 done as I thought. In this week’s group only 4 were painted from bare metal up.

20 figures & a wall

2. Terrain. This week’s piece is a wall from the D&D Map Folio 3-D collection. I would have done another wall section, but I need to get another color cartridge for my printer.

3 story wall from D&D Map Folio 3-D

3. Blogging. Well, there is this entry, but I hope to do another one with a bit more substance before the week ends.

4. Sales. Perhaps not the best painted, but these 5 plastic Chaos Knights & metal mounted Chaos Lord will be up for sale at the Texicon Flea Market.

Chaos Knights – Games Workshop figures

Individual projects:

5. 5150 New Beginnings. Last week I had pictures of 3 characters: Pearl, a street operative security consultant; Vivian, owner of Elements Salon; & Azumi, a Xeog archeologist.

This week the cast expands with Mr. Jones, a deal broker & his associate, Ms. Anderson. We also have “Chardonay” Phillips, the receptionist/nail technician at Elements Salon by day & a part-time “consultant” in Pearl’s employ. We also have some of New Hope City’s finest, a SWAT team & police detective Sally Blue.

Mr. Jones & Ms. Anderson – figures from Foundry & Reaper
Chardonay Phillips – figure by Foundry
Detective Sally Blue (Shadowforge) & NHC SWAT Team (Foundry)

Last, but not least, I painted the 4 Alien Oppressors by Reaper as Hishen. Now, I just need to find a suitable Grath & Razor to complete the slaving party. My recipe for Hishen “greyish blue” flesh:

Shadow color: Folk Art 910 Slate Blue
Highlight color: Apple Barrel 20770 Sky Blue
Mid-tone or main color: 2 drops Slate Blue mixed with 1 drop Sky Blue

Hishen Raiders – Reaper figures
Another shot of the Hishen

6. The last Comanche Moon. I didn’t get any figures painted this week. So, I’ll include another picture of the Quanah Parker figure. I painted this miniature based on Lt. Carter’s description of Quanah as Quanah led the charge on Carter’s retreating skirmish line.

Quanah charging skirmishers

7. Thrice Nine Years. I painted 4 “Peltasts with Slings” from Black Tree Designs & 4 “Hoplite Casualties” from Sgt. Major Miniatures. I’m a little disappointed with the slingers. Instead of having pouches to carry shot, they are sculpted with empty sword scabbards.

Slingers – figures by Black Tree Design
Hoplite casualties – Sgt. Major Miniatures

The ultimate goal:

9. Have something I’ve written get published this year. Well, I didn’t get any writing done this week. The time I should have spent writing, I spent cleaning house & organizing stuff. I donated a large garbage bag of clothing to charity this week, so I can now hang clothes in my closet without fear of the rods collapsing.