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More Citizens of New Hope City

Well, since the second part of Pearl’s story isn’t finished, this week’s post is a few pictures of some of the figures that will find their way into games of 5150: New Beginnings. Along with some rambling about how my warped mind sees New Hope City.

Couriers from LFL Courier Service – Figures by Foundry

The young ladies on roller skates are from Foundry’s Street Violence range. Where did the LFL (Lesbians For Life) Courier Service idea come from? Why, real life, of course. There is a courier service in Dallas owned & operated by a lesbian couple. Besides, what else would you do with modern/sci-fi miniatures on roller skates but use them as messengers?

Someone looking over my shoulder – figure by Hasslefree

This lady with a huge pet spider on her shoulder is the second version of Hasslefree’s Liralith. She is actually an elf from the fantasy line, but I think she fits well in a science fiction setting. I grew up in West Texas a place almost as dry as I envision New Hope. One of the creepiest things to witness out there are evenings where thousands of tarantulas come out onto miles of lonely paved county roads. So, I don’t think huge spiders would be out of place on New Hope.

Go ahead make my day – figures by Urban Mammoth

These two are from Urban Mammoth’s Female Militia with pistols pack. I haven’t finished painting the other 3 figures from the pack.

Seeing Red – figures by Foundry

Not only is red Pearl’s favorite color, it is also my favorite color. I really do have to work hard to keep from painting a lot of red on my miniatures.

A Brown Coat – figure by Reaper

This figure has proven difficult to photograph. Maybe I can get a better picture of her at a latter date. The figure is a smuggler from Reaper’s Chronoscope line. I painted her in the same color scheme as the uniform worn by Zoe (Gina Torres) from Firefly.

“What’re you looking at?” – figure by Hasslefree

This petite young lady is our intergalactic neo-Marxist, Sara Reid. The figure is Hasslefree’s Maria.

Detective Sally Blue – figure by Shadowforge

Petty criminal Billy Pink, meet Detective Sgt. Sally Blue one of New Hope City’s finest when she isn’t on suspension.

Now this is a pony tail!

What better way to end than with the back of Sally Blue. I can only wish that my own hair was that thick & long.

2 thoughts on “More Citizens of New Hope City”

  1. Nice painting and interesting figures. If I may be so bold, here are some links for photographing miniatures http://cipher-studios.com/2009/09/photographing-miniatures-by-ryder-gaddis/

    To be honest I haven’t read any of these in a while and haven’t taken that many pictures of my own figures. But I think there are a few things that I see commonly on peoples sites that effect their pictures.

    These mainly are not enough light, not focusing on the correct object or being at the wrong focal length and not steadying the camera. So a lot of light, using the Macro (flower setting) and a tripod go a long way. I also try and use the timer setting so that I’m not jiggling the camera by pressing the button.

    And if your hair really was that long and thick, think of how long it would take to dry.

    1. Thank, Sean. I need to check out those sites. Some photos are turning out sharp & interesting & some are kind of blurry even with the camera at the same distance. But then again, on the really sharp photos I can always see spots I missed while painting.

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