Colonial Era / Pulp

Coming Soon: Colonial Adventures Gaming

I’ve been invited to play Colonial Adventures with a local gaming group! I would have normally turned down the request because I don’t like to play periods where there are no women characters or warriors. I know I said I would do no new periods for this year. But guess what! There were several African tribes & kingdoms that had regiments of women warriors. Most notably were the “Amazons” of Dahomey.

In addition, I’ve been able to find 28mm African female warriors from Copplestone Castings, Wargames Foundry, Dixon, & Obelisk Miniatures. Other companies also make a few one-off miniatures that would work as characters: Reaper, Hasslefree, & Eureka to name a few.

I have ordered the miniatures & the first batch arrived today! They are gorgeous & will paint up very nicely. I may not win many battles pitting my spear armed maidens against the imperialist demon Europeans with their rifles & maxim machine guns, but I think it will be a lot of fun.