Colonial Era / Pulp

African Tribal Amazons – 1st Batch

Ngoni Archer – figure by Copplestone

This week I painted my first batch of African tribal amazons for the upcoming Colonial Adventures game at the end of the month. The first batch consisted of 19 miniatures:

10 Copplestone Female Ngoni Archers
8 Wargames Foundry Tribal Women Warriors
1 Reaper African Shamaness

The 5 poses of Copplestone’s Female Ngoni Archers

I have 43 figures in transit from Obelisk Miniatures & 72 figures on backorder from Wargames Foundry. Once they all get here & painted, I’ll be able to field 6 warbands.

I’ve completed 13 of the first 19 & will complete the other 6 in a day or 2.

Better view of some of the Ngoni poses

On three of the Tribal Women Warriors, I replaced the spear with a musket & left off the shield.

I’ll post some better photos when I finish the other 6 in this batch.