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Pearl’s Plight Part 4 – Promised Payment

Azumi the Xeog Diva – Making a Deal with an Alien Devil – Pearl gets collared

Pearl was able to set up a meeting with Azumi. The evening was getting late, yet Azumi had agreed to not only meet Pearl, but to meet Pearl at Azumi’s condo in up-town. Up-town was that area of New Hope City on the other side of downtown near the sea shore where the multi-million credit condominiums and estates of the wealthy were located.

Azumi and Pearl had been bitter rivals. Both of them provided security services for the working girls, but Azumi also pimped. As Azumi developed connections with New Hope City elite, she moved herself and her girls out of the neighborhood. Pearl counted it as a victory because Azumi no longer competed with her, but some of Pearl’s clients didn’t see it that way since those working for Azumi became high priced call girls and courtesans.

Azumi was a Xeog. The Xeog contested ownership of New Hope with Gaea Prime. New Hope had been a part of the ancient Shikar empire. There were plenty of ruins scattered across the planet that attested to that fact. However, the Xeog claimed to be the recipients of the vestiges of the Shikar empire and that the planet of New Hope was actually located in the fourth ring and belonged to them. While the issues of ownership were being negotiated on Gaea Prime, Xeog were allowed access to New Hope. Enterprising businesses saw opportunity and brought in the Zhuh-Zhuh for a source cheap labor in the agriculture domes. And that threw open the floodgates allowing aliens from several worlds, including the Hishen, to immigrate and do business on New Hope. On any other planet within Gaea Prime’s third ring, these aliens would be immediately arrested and deported.

No one had ever seen a male Xeog. Some scientists believed the Xeog possessed advanced genetic technology and males were no longer needed or desired in their society. Others believed Xeog males were not as dominant as the females of their species and were kept in harems on the Xeog home world of Zenith. The females themselves were enigmas. Some were green and others were blue. Scientists believed something happened in the life of a Xeog that caused her to change the pigmentation of their skin, but they had no idea what that something could be. It was known, or Pearl so believed, that the blue-skinned ones went out of their way to be mean and nasty to other races and species.

The guard in the lobby of the Ocean View Condominiums greeted Pearl and had her sign in. He then rang Azumi’s apartments and informed her that her guest had arrived. “Ms. Azumi says that you are early, but to come on up.” said the guard with a cheerful smile. “Middle elevators, floor fourteen, apartment 1401.”

“Thank you, very much.” replied Pearl. She wondered why he had such a broad smile and why he watched her all the way to the elevator. The elevator took no time at all to deposit Pearl on the fourteenth floor. She knocked on Azumi’s door and waited. The deadbolt twisted and the door opened a crack. Pearl looked up into one of the most beautiful faces she had ever seen. Beautiful, but expressionless. Azumi’s skin tone was a bright blue. She was wearing a dark blue wig. Xeogs had no hair, but many of them wore wigs making them more acceptable to the human psyche. She also wore a dark blue eyepatch over her right eye. The silence was becoming very awkward. Azumi wasn’t actually staring at Pearl, but that expressionless gaze felt like a stare. As if she knew the exact moment when Pearl felt the most discomfort, Azumi said “You’re early.”

“Yes, but…” began Pearl.

“You can watch.” said Azumi interrupting Pearl. She opened the door and motioned for Pearl to enter. Pearl stepped inside. Azumi was wearing a white kimono with large red blossoms. She had a small whip dangling from her right wrist and in her left hand she held a leash. A wide-eyed Pearl followed the leash to man on all fours beside Azumi. He was wearing a black hooded mask. Pearl blushed when she realized that the mask was all that the man was wearing.

“Come this way.” Azumi said with authority. She turned and jerked the leash. Pearl followed Azumi and the man into the living room. Pearl tried not to look, but the naked man padded beside Azumi like a faithful dog. He even had some kind of tail protruding from his rear.

Xeog culture was very similar to the Nihon culture that originated on ancient Terra and the Xeog readily absorbed Nihon design elements. The rooms were sparsely furnished. The living room had a chair set up as a type of throne. There were six tatami mats with cushions on each side with the chair on a low dias. Azumi motioned for Pearl to kneel on the mat to the left of the chair, while Azumi sat on the makeshift throne.

Azumi opened her kimono revealing a black lace bra and panty set complete with garter belt and stockings. The man groveled at Azumi’s feet kissing her black stiletto heels. Azumi continued to maintain the same emotionless expression that had greeted Pearl at the door. Only now, Pearl thought she detected boredom behind the gaze. The man patted the floor three times.

“Speak, slave.”

“Mistress, I wish to ask a question.”

“Is it the same question you ask at the end of each session?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And you know you are beaten every time you ask that question?”

“Yes, mistress.”
“And yet you want to ask that question?”

This time there was a waver in the man’s voice when he replied. “Yes, mistress. I want to fu…”

“Insolent beast!” Azumi shouted as she jumped up out of the throne and began to beat the man with her whip. “The rules are there will be no penetration. How dare you to even think you might be worthy to do so.” The man’s flesh was raising bright crimson welts all over his back.

“Please, mistress.” With that plea Azumi nudged him over onto his back with the toe of her shoe and then planted her foot firmly on his manhood. Azumi leaned down and said in a calm low voice. “Now, if you wish, Johnny, I will do our next session topless for an additional five thousand credits.” The masked man smiled and nodded. “Our session is complete.” said Azumi straightening up and taking her foot off of him. “You may get dressed and let yourself out. I must attend to other matters.” The man stood up, looked at Pearl and smiled. He left the room walking upright with the tail thing still protruding from his rear

More mu-rats. The three poses of mutant rats from GW’s Necromunda line.

The emotionless countenance returned to Azumi’s face. “Come with me, Pearl, and tell me what brings my old rival to my humble home.” Azumi purred. Pearl followed Azumi through the apartment and engaged in chit-chat. Pearl wanted to have Azumi’s full attention before she would tell her about Sara. They stopped briefly in the kitchen where Azumi poured tea and then led Pearl into a small study. There was a large monitor on one of the walls displaying several screens.

“Goodnight, Mistress Azumi!” said a voice from the entry hall with the sound of the door opening and shutting.

“He certainly sounds cheerful, especially after the beating he took.” said Pearl.

“Pleasure can be derived from any circumstance.” replied Azumi. “Johnny likes the whip at the end of the session.”

“That’s his name, Johnny?” inquired Pearl.

“Oh no, all slaves are Johns or Janes. You never acknowledge the identity of a slave.”

“So his real name isn’t Johnny. Do you know who he really is?”

“Of course I do. This particular client is on the Planning and Zoning Commission.”

“You have other clients?”

Azumi shrugged her shoulders. “There are a few. It doesn’t take many from the rich and powerful to make an excellent income.” She took a sip of tea and removed her wig. Pearl thought Azumi seemed even more beautiful without the wig, yet the presence of a woman without hair felt unsettling. “You would make a good Jane” cooed Azumi, “after a lot of training.” Pearl couldn’t hide her astonishment and felt her face blush. Azumi appeared dead serious. Just when Pearl felt the most awkward, Azumi smiled.

Azumi put down her cup of tea and picked up a small data cable off of her desk. One end she plugged into a console and the other she plugged into a jack at the base of her skull. Pearl had never met anyone who could afford to have an interface jack installed.

“You have yet to tell me what brings you here with such urgency. Have you changed your mind?” asked Azumi.

“No, no. I was waiting for your undivided attention.” Pearl began. She decided to tell Azumi everything from the beginning just as she had with Sally Blue. Only this time she included the shooting in the parking lot.

“Let me see that picture of Sara you have.” said Azumi. Pearl handed Azumi the photograph. As Azumi studied the photo, the image appeared on the monitor. “It will take a little while to find out who Sara really is. The police have already started a data query on her. What is it to you if this Sara is rescued or not? We’ve all had jobs go bad.”

“It’s not just the job, though I wish it were. People trusted me to keep her safe. She trusted me, Azumi. I know what it is like to be abandoned by someone you trust. It leaves scars that last a lifetime.”

“Ah, give no trust, get no trust.” said Azumi.


“An ancient proverb, Pearl. Give no trust, get no trust. Give no respect, get no respect.”

“Is that a Xeog saying?” asked Pearl.

“Yes, and no. It is a proverb found on both my home world and the original home world of your kind. It is probably found in any culture that values balance.” said Azumi. “I believe your people call it ‘Tao’.”

“That’s interesting Azumi, but how can that help me rescue Sara?”

“It tells me a few things. How committed you are to seeing her safe and alive. What you are willing to pay to accomplish this goal. And why you came to me. Do you know why you came to me?”

“I was going to say because you have the resources.” replied Pearl. “But, it is as you say, I respect and trust your abilities to rescue Sara. We can rescue her, right?”

“Yes, there’s a high probability that we can successfully extract her from Zygote’s facility, if we move quickly. The price will be high.”

“I’ll pay anything. No matter how much or how long it will take me.”

“Be careful, Pearl. My conditions are that I will name the price later and at that time you will pay it no matter how high the cost. I could very well ask for your life.”

“If anything were to happen to Sara, I don’t think my life would be worth a single credit. I couldn’t live with myself. I’ll pay no matter the cost.”

“Your third and final warning, Pearl. You will pay me at my whim any amount at any time?”

A pack of mu-rats

Azumi gave Pearl a moment to think about it. Pearl took a quick inventory of her life and decided that indeed she couldn’t bear the thought of going on if Sara were to lose her life. “Yes, Azumi, yes. I will pay whatever it takes to see Sara safe and sound.”

“Good, a pre-dawn raid in just a few hours will be best. How many on your team?”

“There’s four of us counting Sara’s boyfriend.”

“Well rested?”

“Not really. I’m running on stim-packs now.”

“Hmmm, that’s ok. My team will do the heavy lifting. Let’s meet in the parking lot of Yanni’s Pancake House at 4:30.”

“You can assemble a team that quickly, Azumi?”

Azumi pointed at her data jack and replied “They’re already rolling.”

Pearl was astonished. “I guess, I’d better get going as well and get my people together.”

“Oh, Pearl.” Azumi said while opening a desk drawer. “There’s one more thing.”

“What is it, Azumi?”

“Here, you have to wear this.” Azumi handed a leather collar to Pearl.

Pearl looked at the collar. It was black with a blue metal tag and a hasp for a small padlock. She examined the metal tag which was engraved with “Azumi’s Bitch”.

“Am I supposed to wear this? Did I just sell myself into slavery?”

“Oh no, dear Pearl. It is just a reminder that you owe me. A rather public reminder, but that is all.”

“So I put it on and you lock it?”

“There’s no need for that, Pearl. I trust that you are a woman of your word and that you will wear it.”

Rat killing – human figures by Urban Mammoth & Reaper

“Just what happens if I renege on our deal?”

“Remember what I said about deriving pleasure? There is a place on this planet where every morning they will bathe you, heal your wounds, and feed you. You spend the day resting in a soft bed. At night, they stake you out in the desert in front of a camera for selected viewers. All night long the mu-rats will feast upon your flesh. The cycle is repeated each day and each night. And, Pearl, in the last week of your life you will derive pleasure as a mu-rat devours your liver.”

Size comparison – these are big rats

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