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Maidens with Braided Hair

I’ve divided my African Amazons into 4 groups based on hairstyle for easier painting. The first group is my favorite. I have 36 maidens with simple braided hair. I even chose a simple scheme for the shields as well. 54 figures are now completed! The next group that is very close to completion is maidens with with feathered headdresses. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

3 thoughts on “Maidens with Braided Hair”

    1. Thanks, Sander. I tried doing the shield designs on the Foundry site for the Masai, but I couldn’t get it to work in 3 colors. I’m not that skilled of a painter, yet. So, I opted for a two color scheme & had fun with it.

      1. Well no worries about that! The fact is: you have painted mini’s to use in games; when you put too much time in any miniature it sure looks good, but leaves a heap of others on the to-do pile….

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