Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Guadalupe Mountains looking toward Mexico

The second day of our stay in Carlsbad, we went to the “Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park.” One of the unique features of this zoo is that it features only animals found in the Chihuahuan Desert. You know desert animals, snakes, lizards, elk… Elk? Yes, elk & bison & cougars & bears. The Chihuahuan Desert is one of the most moist deserts in the world & supports a wide range of animal & plant life.

The other unique thing about this zoo is that most all of the animals are rescue animals, animals that have been rescued but due to injury or interaction with humans can not be returned to the wild. They even have a bear that likes to paint! Her work is great, but some of the guys on TMP criticize her for painting buttonhole lace in the 1803 pattern instead of the 1807 pattern on her French Imperial Guard.

Dove in a tree.
Roadrunner right before swooping at my daughter.
A lot of the plants were in bloom.
The king’s harem of female elk.
The king in his chambers. It must be good to be the king.
Photo of a cougar taken by an old cougar….
Soapberry, if I remember right.
Mescal. They have an annual Mescal roast done in the traditional way by Mescalaro Apache.
Bee enjoying prickly pear nectar.
Daughter Judy & granddaughter Jordan. The twins were running wild some where.
A mescal plant in bloom. The mescal plant is also called “the century plant” because it supposedly blooms only once every 100 years..
Mescal blooms.

We took a lot of pictures, but figured you could go to other websites for inspirational pictures of animals & nature.

I’m very glad my daughter invited me to share this trip with her & the girls. We stopped in Big Spring on the way out & had dinner with my brothers. It felt good to go home for a visit.