Painted Gladiatrices & a Comic Book

As I write up part 2 of Hippothoe’s story, I thought I’d post a few pictures of finished miniatures. These are all from Bonze Age Miniatures. The first group is from the fantasy barbarian range and the second group is from the historical gladiator range.

Bronze Age Miniatures Fantasy Barbarians BAR-set-2

Bronze Age Miniatures Female Gladiators set 2 – 32GLD-s-2

The miniatures in the barbarian set are all open handed except for the one with the 2-handed ax.

And for those who are really observant, that is the Fuzzy’s Tacos logo on the shield of the female gladiator.

Finally, on DeviantArt, Julian Apostatas has done some comic books of gladiatrices on a planet ruled by Amazons. They do contain nudity & lots of gore.

2 thoughts on “Painted Gladiatrices & a Comic Book”

  1. Nice set of miniaturegladiatrices to play with! 🙂 Have some mad “art” at Deviant too, but I got banned. To “dirty” and extreme! 😉 That was the whole fun of making them, DA didn´t think so. 😀 Well keep on, I´ll be looking into Your site now and then and watch You progress!

  2. Very, very good job of painting the net the gladiatrice carries. I spent several minutes staring at the photos of her to see how it was done. I’m mulling over the possibility of doing gladiators, myself

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