Texicon – Day 2

Well, my overnight session didn’t quite last the full night, but we played until a little past 3:00AM. With no one willing to enter the arena, I got to get a few hours of sleep. I played a game of Napoleonics today, I always forget that this was the “heyday” of cavalry & held mine in reserve a little too long. I ended up barely losing the game. I ran a session of Red Sand, Black Moon and a session of Rally Round the King. The session where I didn’t do any gaming, I spent hanging out with the artists and sculptors from Reaper. There’s some neat figures in the pipeline for both Reaper’s Dark Heaven line and some really “wow” figures for Pathfinder.

Every gaming session, there were 2 or 3 games that didn’t attract any players. The last session of the evening was my turn to to have no players. My eyes were blurry, watering, & stinging, so at 8:30 I called it a night & went home. Without further delay, here are pictures of some of today’s games:
This orc with an ax, Rage, & Vicious was no match for a dwarf with an ax, plate armor, & Vicious. In this match most of the bonus dice were used in trying to win the maneuver phase to get the extra 2d6 for being Vicious. The overnight game was fun. It was interesting to play non-human characters.
Setup for the morning session of Battletech. Classic Battletech was the only game where every session was full.
Hunting zombies in the bayou. I blame Ed for this! Before Ed’s game, there were 2 good Zombie movies & 100s of lame Zombie movies. Nobody gave zombies any thought at all. Every session had at least one game of zombie hunting. And there were RPG & Boardgames of zombie hunting as well. I just don’t get the fascination with zombies…. maybe it’s due to over 40 years of working with mindless brain sucking managers.
I do have to admit that some of the zombie games had very good terrain.
A big game of Axis & Allies on a huge table.
Jamie Matthews gives an evil laugh as he unveils his Deathrace 2000 game using Road Rage rules.
A couple of the Deathrace cars.
Vance Frey’s Warmaster-based Napoleonics game.
Yet another zombie game… this one is Zombie Daze from Frontline Games. The guys from Frontline Games are great. They ran a game in every session. Their terrain, scenarios, & figures were all awesome.
The lighting was bad in this picture, but I just have to show that there are still people out there playing Epic 40K. It was great seeing old favorites being played.
The always fabulous painting diva, Lynn Stahl & Dark Sword, Pathfinder, Reaper sculptor Patrick Keith getting the Reaper paint & take table underway.
In two games, a player tried to defeat a War Maiden of Ritterlich using the brute strength & big ax of a vicious Beastman. Both times he ended in a pool of blood. So………
…. what he couldn’t do with brute force, he was able to do with finesse. A slippery nimble elf defeats the War Maiden.
Some of the terrain in Brian Guarnieri’s Dr. Who game. Believe it or not, most of the terrain is foam core!
Another session of Warmaster…. What is it about GW gamers & unpainted minis? Oh, well, they all had a great time & at Texicon (unlike Skirmish) no one throws a hissy fit about unpainted miniatures.
I’m telling you, it is Ed’s fault! A game of All Things Zombie in a trailer park! How campy is that?
Ron Hamilton’s CR3.0FV Swordplay game. Ron’s terrain is always fabulous & he’s always got neat ideas on terrain making. I think he ought to do a class someday. They aren’t in this picture, but he had some wonderfully painted rat-men from Splintered Light.
The Reaper paint & take table in full sway! Lots of great tips & techniques demonstrated.
“Today is a good day for killing Natzis, eh, comrade?” – 28mm WWII game by Frontline Games. 3 T-34s with supporting infantry squads sweep through a city hunting their tenacious foe.
The army of Nica looks across the field at the Asterians.
The Asterian army gazes upon the Niccans.
The view from the Asterian reserve.
View of the Asterian phalanx from the right flank.
View of the Niccan phalanx from the right flank.
While the two armies shout & taunt one another, Nica’s Strategos reads the omens & decides to go home.
“You mean we’re really going home?”

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  1. Looks like it was a good con. Too bad you didn’t get to play out the Amazon battle, that also looked like it would have been something.

  2. Ye verily, I must lose weight for next year. Glad you came out as always and ran all the games for us. I’ll admit I had a great year and honestly it was really stress free this year. Well, building the some odd thirty tables for the miniatures hall was a work out but the results were well worth the sweat, tears, and drop of blood (only smashed my hand once after all).

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