Old West

Six Gun Sound – Roof Top Example

Private Tom Murray deserted to join up with Frank Wilson to hunt buffalo. Unfortunately for Tom, Captain Lawton didn’t like deserters & he dispatched a detail to bring Tom back. It didn’t take long for the detail to find the two would-be buffalo hunters. The detail had cornered them in a livery stable at the edge of town.

A Not – Disney Production

O-5 = Frank Wilson is a Buffalo Hunter – Rep 5 Tough 5 Sand 5
O-4 = Tom Murray is a “Ranger” – Rep 4 Tough 4 Sand 4

Posse of Troopers:
P-1 = O’Brian is a “Ranger” – Rep 4 Tough 3 Sand 4
P-2 = Michaels is a “Ranger” – Rep 5 Tough 5 Sand 5
P-3 = Sgt. Thompson is a “Ranger” – Rep 5 Tough 5 Sand 5
P-4 = Williamson is a “Ranger” – Rep 5 Tough 5 Sand 5
P-5 = Owens is a “Ranger” – Rep 4 Tough 4 Sand 4

The outlaw side is active & Frank Wilson steps out on the roof of the stable in plain sight to take a shot at Sgt. Thompson. His appearance triggers the “Got a Shot” Test.

Frank Wilson, O-5, steps out into sight of the posse.

The posse is from P-1 through P-5 from left to right.
P-1 passed the “Got a Shot” test on 1d6, the yellow marker. This results in the active target, O-5, rolling 2d6 versus his sand. O-5 passed 1d6, which means the original tester, P-1, fires immediately at minus one to his Rep.

“Got a Shot” test results when O-5 appeared. Yellow = pass 1d6; Green = pass 2d6; Red = pass 0d6

P-1 fires his carbine at a Rep 3, rolls a 2 on the shootin’ table for a total of 5 which is a miss. P-2 passes 2d6 on the “Got a Shot” Test & fires. P-2 scores a hit to the chest, but O-5 passes the damage on the Recoverin’ table with just a scratch & takes the “Been Shot At” Test. O-5 passes the “Been Shot At” Test with 2d6 & can fire as normal. O-5 doesn’t have to “return” fire, so he fires according to his original plan at P-3 & scores a hit.

Sgt. Thompson has been hit!

The hit on P-3 also turns out to be just a scratch & P-3 takes the “Been Shot At” Test required by the Recoverin’ table. He passes 1d6 & fires at & scores a hit in the gut. Since O-5 was hit in the gut with a slug from a carbine, O-5 is out of the fight.

Frank Wilson goes down.

Tom Murray, O-4, foolishly steps up to fire at Sgt. Thompson, P-3. Stepping into sight triggers a “Got a Shot” test for all members of the posse.

“Got a Shot” test – Yellow = passed 1d6; Green = passed 2d6

Once again, P-1 passed with only 1d6. So O-4 rolled against his Sand & only passed 1d6 meaning that P-1 fires at minus one to his Rep. P-1 fired again & missed. P-2 passed 2d6 & fired scoring a hit to the head. O-4 failed the “Recoverin’ from I’m Hit” with 0d6 & is out of the fight.

One less deserter.

Stepping out in front of a well armed posse is not the best of ideas.

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