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The Anglo American Alliance Arrives!

We knew they would come. The French had been driven off long ago. The Germans were too few & too far away. The British were nearby & were concerned that our revolution would affect their trade in a bad way. The Spanish were a surprise. They sent a force to “aid” our rebellion. The Americans invoked their “Monroe Doctrine” because of this & took the side of the government.

We had taken the small town of San Pedro on the banks of the Rio Yaque del Norte. It was little more than a village. But it had two things the great powers wanted. Warehouses full of mining equipment & supplies and the second was an excuse to attack. European and American visitors & residents were relocated to a cantina off the town square for their protection. The British claimed we had taken hostages.

View of San Pedro with hostages in the cantina & Rebel troops deployed in the square & in a building adjacent to the warehouses.

View of the Spanish deployment at the edge of town.

View of the Spanish & Rebel deployment from the bridge of the British gun boat.

The Americans begin their cautious approach. The American Army is in column, but the Marines & Naval platoon have already gone into line formation.

A Spanish platoon has gone to open order to rapdily respond to a British threat to out flank the Spanish & Rebel postions.

After a brief exchange of fire, the British almost succeed in flanking the Spanish. Here the Spanish have reformed into line to repel an expected charge down the hill by the British. In the early phases of the battle, it is the British that take charge moving ahead of the Americans. Creating a pinscher movement if the Americans can only recognize it & respond to it.

Fire from the Spanish field gun continuously inflicts light casualties on the American Naval platoon, yet it continues to trudge forward. A Rebel platoon has moved up a hill in hopes of being able to pour fire into an American column.

The British gun boat fires upon the Rebel platoon causing part of it to flee. Alerted to the Rebel’s presence by the gun boat, the American column pivots into line & fires into the Rebels with little effect. The Rebels return fire inflicting light casualties on the Americans. The American Marines come into range of the Spanish field gun & pour a massive volley into the gun position. Half of the gunners are killed & the remainder of the crew run behind the hill. The American Naval platoon moves into relative safety behind a hill. The British on the hill exchange fire with the Spanish platoon holding the flank.

The Americans charged into melee with the Rebels on the hill. The gun boat has moved on toward the village firing its gun into a building occupied by the Rebels. The Rebels take few casualties & hold their position in the building. Meanwhile, the Rebel platoon in the village square moves toward the custom house at the dock.

Emboldened by the Marine’s ability to silence the Spanish gun, the Naval platoon advances up the hill & fires at the Spanish platoon facing the Marines. The British gun boat off loads a platoon of infantry who move to meet the Rebel platoon trying to reach the docks.

The British on the flank attempt to charge the Spanish platoon, but a volley from the Spanish causes the British to halt.

The Spanish crewmen returned to their gun to fire one more time at the Marines. The Marines take light casualties. In the hail of return fire from the Marines, the crew of the gun is killed. The Spanish Maxim gun opens up on an American platoon inflicting casualties, but too little too late, the Americans eliminate the Maxim gun.

In the town, the British platoon charges into melee with the Rebel platoon. On the far right one Spanish platoon charges the American Naval platoon. While the other platoon receives the charge of the British.

The British & the Spanish stand toe to toe dealing death & giving no quarter. The melee with the American sailors has proved too much for the other Spanish platoon. Only Sgt. Cervantes stubbornly remains in contact with the enemy.

The American center advances on San Pedro with no opposition.

A small miracle occurs! The Rebels hold in their melee with the British & the other Rebel platoon charges out of the building & into the flank of the British. This causes confusion among the British & they route.

But the miracle came too late. The gun boat clears the custom house & fires into the Rebels causing most of them to flee.

Sgt. Cervantes is killed by the sailors. The Marines wheel & charge into the remaining Spanish platoon engaged with the British. The gun boat commands the streets of San Pedro. The American Army platoons have reached the outskirts of the town.

The Rebels fade away into the countryside. The decimated Spanish platoon lays down its arms. Doubtless the American press will claim a great victory this day. The Rebels will regroup & fight another day. The Spanish? Who knows what the Spanish will do.

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