Reflections on 2012 & Goals for 2013

Another year is drawing to a close & it is a good time to pause & take a look at how I did in meeting the hobby goals I had set for this year. This was the first time I have ever set goals for my hobby & it is interesting to see how I did & how to plan better for next year.

Goals? There were goals?

My first goal was miniature painting. I planned a really ambitious goal of painting 20 figures a week. That equates to 1,040 figures. I painted only 334 28mm figures this year. Though I fell really short in the number of figures that got painted, an amazing thing did happen. I got better at painting. I really owe a lot of this to tutorials posted on TMP (The Miniatures Page), the Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley & Anne Foerster DVDs, & hanging out at the Reaper paint & take table at Texicon (Thank you, Lynn). I feel good about this goal even though I fell short. I’m going to be ambitious for next year & try to paint 500 figures in 2013.
Second on my list of goals was to complete 1 terrain piece each week. This would be a total of 52 pieces. I bought more completed terrain than I actually assembled. If you count individual trees, then I was able to place 39 new or refurbished pieces of terrain on the game table this year. I had been eyeing the Foam Werks cutting tools for foam core poster board. Karl Pajak did a short seminar on these tools at Texicon & I was sold. So expect to see some sturdier terrain from me next year. I’m going to be ambitious again & attempt to put 50 new or refurbished pieces of terrain on the table. (That may mean more shopping in the aquarium section at PetSmart!)
Blogging, I did better. My goal was one post per week & I did 49 posts this year, which is good considering I only did one post in 2011. I really want to thank all of you who helped me this year, especially in taking better pictures for the posts. The feedback has been encouraging. I’m going to shoot for 70 posts in 2013. Pearl has new adventures ahead of her. Brisia continues to learn how to live as a gladiatrix. Lt. Caroline Matthews manages to arrive in Lemuria. And once Warrior Heroes: Legend is released, Menalippe of Asteria, the historian & geographer, leaves the comforts of her home to map the island continent of Valkae.

Menalippe of Asteria, Historian

The 4th goal, selling miniatures, was a complete bust. I was going to paint up all of the old miniatures I have laying around in shoe boxes. (Hey, I’m a woman. I have at least 40 or 50 shoe boxes & they’re filled with miniatures. The shoes are on wall racks in my walk-in closet. Imelda Marcos would be proud of me.) Anyway, the plan was to paint up a bunch of miniatures & sell them at MilleniumCon. Well, I didn’t get a bunch of miniatures painted & I didn’t make it to MilleniumCon. The plan for 2013 is to drag them to Texicon painted or not & sell as many as possible. Not only will a gamer be able to buy out of production Citadel miniatures, but if he buys enough of them, he can take them home in a Feragamo shoe box that held the most adorable sling backs with stiletto heels.
Goal #5 was a 5150: New Beginnings campaign. I played one game, set up a few encounters & the story took off. I love writing about Pearl. My daughter said to me the same thing Vivian would say to Pearl: “You’re too young to be old.” I need to buckle down & get more urban terrain so I can play more games & generate even more stories on the world of New Hope. There are definitely more adventures awaiting Pearl in 2013.
Goal #6 is another goal that completely flopped. Why do I feel good when statistics seem to indicate I had a bad year? Well, life is life. If you thought painting details on fantasy or sci-fi miniatures was tough, wait until you try to paint the American Plains Indian. I still have a lot of figures to paint before I can put on a game. But I will eventually get there. My goal for 2013 to to be able to play at least one game set on the Southern Plains in the early 1870s.
OW Indians_2
With a large Greek Amazon army, you would think I would easily paint up a male Greek army. But goal #7 to game the classical Greek period of history did not materialize. I’m not sure if I’ll do much with classical Greeks in 2013, but who knows. Half way through the year I might get the urge to revisit the project.
For some odd reason, I did a goal #9, but not a goal #8. I didn’t finish anything to send off to anyone anywhere, so you won’t see any titles in the bookstores or game stores with my name. I’m hoping that 2013 will change that. I really do want to get something in print, even if I have to publish it myself.

I tried to impose some restrictions on myself to accomplish the goals I had set. I wasn’t suppose to start any new periods & I was only to buy things to support my goals. I suppose if you are the strict draconian accounting type, you can point at my not following these restrictions as a major reason for my failure to accomplish any of the goals.

On the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t adhere to the restrictions. I would have missed a lot.

Early in the year I was invited to play Colonial Adventures (& Muskets & Mohawks) at Area 51 in Grapevine. I met some wonderful friendly guys, Jeff, Jim, Dale, Scott, & Ray all who enjoy gaming. So I started a new period & 2013 I will probably build upon that. This year I collected an African “Amazon” army depicting the female regiments used by the Dahomey, N’goni, & other tribes. Next year I hope to venture into the Mexican Revolution with “soldaderas” sprinkled throughout the irregular & rebel units.
Ed introduced a wonderful little game, “Red Sand, Black Moon.” I added both male & female gladiators to my collection. (I haven’t gotten the male ones painted yet.) I ran this game at Texicon, it was a lot of fun.

Speaking of Texicon, it is scheduled for May 17-19 in 2013. It is a fun convention. It’s not a big one, but it is a lot of fun. If I’m not running a game or playing a game, chances are you’ll find me at Reaper’s painting table.

My daughter, my traveling companion.

I plan to take a few little trips in 2013. I got to visit Carlsbad Caverns & Palo Duro Canyon this year. I hope to finally get to visit Ft. Richardson next year. I need to go see my youngest brother in Big Spring. He’s an award winning master modeler & has built me a 1/48th scale model of a Yak-1 flown by Lydia Litvyak, the White Rose of Stalingrad. Oh, & my son wants to take me to a meadery down near Austin. I discovered mead this year & like it a lot.

My son the home brewer standing with Jim Koch of Samuel Adams at the Great American Beer Festival

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  1. Thanks in particular for your 49 blogs and AARs this year. I had a great time reading them. Here’s a toast to next year!


  2. Great post and great progress. I think keeping it fun is more important than slavishly achieving numbers. You’ve inspired me to write down my goals for the coming year and track their progress. Happy Holidays and New year to you.

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