Revolt of the Ant People

According to legend, the ant people, or Mrymidons, are descended from one of the old gods who had taken the form of an ant to enter the bed chamber of a princess. They originally inhabited the southern plain of Nycenae. Two hundred years ago, the Valkae Amazons had subjugated the Mrymidons. The Mrymidons left the plain and now live in the foot hills of the Slumbering Dragons mountain range among the other hill tribes.

Their chieftain, Aeolus, decided that with so much of the Nycenaean forces and resources committed to the war between Nica and Asteria, now would be a good time to throw off the yoke of Nycenaean rule.

While Nica could not send a large army, Queen Celeste placed the command of a modest force under one of Nica’s ablest commanders, Glauce the Elder.

“Lady Glauce, the scouts have returned.” said Clonie, her aid de camp.

“What do they report?” asked Lady Glaude.

“A strange deployment, my Lady. Infantry is divided into three blocks with light troops on both sides of the center block.”


“None sighted and no lights on either flank.” reported Clonie. “However, my Lady, the scouts report that the infantry is formed in very tight ranks and files.”

“Hmmm. That means they will outnumber us where they contact our lines. Our troops will need to work hard to hold the point of contact while the rest of the phalanx works to gain the flanks. Very well, send our cavalry to the left to harass their point of honor. I want the rest of the lights on my right. Pass the word that I want as many trained noblewomen in the front ranks as possible to hold their point of contact. I want the salpinx to signal the advance immediately after the sacrifice.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Aeolus, chieftain of the Myrmidons leads the right block of troops.
Myrmidon deployment.
The Nycenaeans deploy into a single phalanx.
Lady Glauce the Elder, leads the the phalanx from the position of honor.
As the Myrmidons advance, their light troops move out in front of the heavy infantry.
The Amazon light troops also move away from the phalanx.
The Myrmidons make contact first. Myrmidon skirmishers force one unit of cavalry to retire, while the charge of the Myrmidon right routes the 2nd unit of cavalry.
The armies continue their advance.
The cavalry return & force the Myrmidon skirmishers to retire.
Meanwhile, the Amazon skirmishers route the other Myrmidon skirmisher unit.
The Myrmidon skirmishers return & route the remaining Amazon cavalry.
The charge of the Myrmidon left routes a unit of Amazon skirmishers into a pond.
The Myrmidon right & center blocks slam into the Amazon left. After a round of melee, the Amazons forced one unit of Myrmidons to give ground. The Amazon leftmost unit has taken a beating & is close to routing.
Lady Glauce has forced the leftmost Myrmicon unit to give ground, but can’t follow up.
The Amazon right routes a Myrmidon unit.
Aeolus has flanked the Amazon left & is beginning to roll the flank. One unit of Amazons has routed & one other has had to give ground.
Lady Glauce has routed a unit of Myrmidons. In true Classical Greek fashion, the strong right flanks of each army chews up the weaker left flanks.
The Myrmidon center had reformed to where both units were side by side & then charged into the melee. One unit was routed & the other was forced to give ground.
The Myrmidon right continues to overwhelm the Amazons. Meanwhile, the rest of the Amazon phalanx advanced destroying the Myrmidon center & charging the Myrmidon left.
Lady Glauce routes the last of the Myrmidon left.
Aeolus has destroyed the Amazon left.
Both armies struggled to wheel & reform. Now, they are about to clash again.
The Amazons give ground on their new left, but not without first routing a Myrmidon unit.
The fighting is fierce. All units have been reduced to Rep 2 or 1.
Aeolus is wounded & carried from the field. All but one unit of Myrmidons route.
The final unit attempts to charge, but fails & routes instead leaving the Amazons in control of the field.