Goodbye 2013!

Another year draws to a close & again it is time to look back on what happened this year & to look forward to what I hope will happen next year. This was a year of changes for me. I switched from the more lucrative night shift to working only days. It is getting hard for me to drive at night. To make up for the loss of income by switching to the day shift, I accepted the role of Lead Therapist which pays an additional $2.00 an hour.

I found that when I get home in the evenings, I don’t have as much desire to do much other than eat supper & go to bed. I didn’t spend as much time working on hobby projects & I didn’t spend as much time writing. With all this being said, I think I had a wonderful year hobby wise. As they say on “Marketplace”, “let’s do the numbers!”

I enjoyed introducing "Bouncing" Betty Carusoe this year.
I enjoyed introducing “Bouncing” Betty Carusoe this year.

Counting this post, I only wrote 18 posts in 2013 compared to 44 in 2012. Two of the posts this year were the most read I’ve ever had on my blog. I think the writing improved a little this year. The posts were longer as well. They averaged over 3,000 words in length. I may try splitting them up into shorter posts & posting more frequently in 2014. There was also a drop in figures painted this year. I painted 334 figures in 2012 and a total of 203 figures in 2013.

As a pleasant surprise, I got to play test two game supplements from Two Hour Wargames this year, “Alien Fight Night” & “New Hope City: PI”. They are both fun to play & will fit nicely into any “5150: New Beginnings” campaign.

Will Mossbane survive the arena in 2014?
Will Mossbane survive the arena in 2014?

I also took part in 2 Kickstarter projects this year. One from Two Hour Wargames & the other from my friends at Reaper Miniatures.

I did not get a lot of figures painted to sell at Texicon, but I did sell some figures “as is” during 2 days at the convention. I sold all of my 6mm GW Epic, all of my 10mm Warmaster, 28mm GW lizardmen, 28mm GW Dark Eldar, 28mm Samurai from Old Glory, Dixon, & AEG. I sold the original Genestealer games & campaign book, 28mm Genestealer Hybrids, & lots of source books on Samurai, & all of my old 2nd edtition AD&D books. The one thing that didn’t get a nibble was the 15mm AWI, Naps, & 7YW figures. Evidently, I just can’t sell 15mm. Year before last, I ended up giving away my entire collection of 15mm ancients & fantasy miniatures. Anyway, I made a little money & a lot of unused gaming products found good homes.

Pearl's new look. Who is going to replace Pearl next year?
Pearl’s new look. Who is going to replace Pearl next year?

In 2014, Texicon takes place at the end of June. Unless my son steps in & says he wants them back, I’ll be selling WH40K Space Marines, Eldar, & a single squad of Imperial Guard. I also plan to sell off my WH Chaos, Skaven, & maybe my Dark Elves & a large collection of GW Dwarfs. And I’ll drag the 15mm stuff to a 4th convention to see if it will sell.

I ran a poll on the Two Hour Wargames forum to help me decide what game to run at Texicon. A cooperative Colonial Adventures game set in Nobelongga won. I really like the idea. First, I have most of the minis already done & second, it will cause me to spend time creating some nice jungle terrain for the game. I’ve already been prowling the floral sections of the hobby stores looking for suitable jungle foliage. I also need to replace my game mat, so I’ll try my hand at making a nice mat for the game.

So other than running a game at Texicon, what else will I try to accomplish in 2014?

The "dark amazons" of Nobelongga
The “dark amazons” of Nobelongga

First, next year will see the end of Pearl’s Plight. There’s only a handful of episodes left before she hands off to another character in New Hope. If successful, I may try turning Pearl’s Plight into a novel.

Second, I’ve got to get back to Valkae. I’ve started tales of 2 of the 3 Amazon leagues & need to introduce the mysterious league of Latona, where the Amazons have become almost feral. In a nutshell, Asteria is a democracy, much like ancient Athens. They are on the verge of granting freedom to males. Nica, the capital of Nycenae, does not want that to happen. They are an oligarchy, much like ancient Sparta. Latona, the third province seen on the map of Valkae, is a monarchy ruled by a dark mysterious queen. It is in Latona where men are killed on sight unless it is time for a solstice festival to the goddess, then men are killed the morning after. In addition to the Amazons, the island continent is home to indigenous peoples & wood elves.

Third, I really do need to finish painting my Old West collection & play some games set on the Southern Plains in the 1870s.

Fourth, there are some projects begging to be done, but I’m trying hard to resist getting into any new periods or genres. I think the By Steel & Savvy rules would work well on Barsoom. Colonial Adventures should really shine doing the Mexican Revolution. And I think you can tweak Rally Round the King to game the ’45. I would love to see a mass combat game from THW to cover the “lace wars” period from 1690 to 1790. Muskets & Mohawks is almost there, but not quite. I hope that none of these distract me from the other projects I need to get done.

Look! Pancho got an Indian for Christmas!
Look! Pancho got an Indian for Christmas!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and given me such wonderful hobby advice over the past year.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013!

  1. Good Summary. Sounds like a good year. Despite what Stalin said, quality has a certain value all by itself.

    Expect a private message on the THW forum about the 15mm AWI, possibly the Naps, & probably the 7YW figures.

    I can’t sell my 25+ mm figures very successfully locally so I feel your pain.



  2. Good accomplishments for the year. Sad to see you sell off your stuff, but you are right to get rid of stuff you don’t use. Perhaps I should examine the stash? I would vote for more, smaller posts. I do read all your stuff, but sometimes I am a little off put by lengthy posts in general. Good luck in 2014.

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