2014 Project Update #1

Figures Painted = 0
Terrain Built = 0
Games Played = 0
Books Read = 0
Novels Written = 0

Wednesday is usually the last consecutive day of the week that I work. Today I was off for the holiday. Thursdays & Fridays are my days off. In my business, you make half of your money on Saturdays & Sundays. So that makes Wednesday evening, the perfect evening to write a short summary of my hobby activities. I’m hoping that this will help keep me focused on completing projects during the year. I tend to have many interests & I tend to get easily distracted.

Texicon Project

I’m calling the first project the Texicon project. Three years ago, I got brave & ran my first game as a game master & liked it so much that I’ve run a game every year since. And every year, I’ve run a game from Two Hour Wargames. This year is no exception. I want to run a Colonial Adventures game set in Lemuria. Texicon takes place the last week end in June in 2014, so I should have ample time to get everything ready & play tested… if I stay focused.

The premise is that each player gets a small group of explorers of 3 to 4 figures & 1 unit of Euopean trained soldiers. The idea is that the explorers wander around exploring the table until the natives become too restless & then they retreat to the base camp & use the soldiers to save the day (or the soldiers may have to leave the base camp to save their bacon). I don’t know if this will work, but will test it thoroughly before Texicon.

Though I have most of the figures, I’ve got to add a few more. I also have to do a lot of jungle terrain…. because I don’t have any. So, I got the Old Glory Army Card for this project. I purchased a domed African hut, a bag of 10 Masked Warriors, a bag of 10 Darkest Africa Warriors, & a bag of 30 French Colonial Marines from their Boxer Rebellion line. My experience with Old Glory is that some of the figures are wonderful & some are so-so. The French Colonial Marines are wonderful & the African hut is wonderful. The African warriors are so-so. I guess they are so-so, because I’m spoiled by the really great African miniatures I have from Foundry and Copplestone.

Today, I attached the figures to 1″ square bases from Litko & textured the bases so that the sculpted base of the figure won’t stand out.
I know it isn’t much to report on, but the year isn’t even a day old. I’m also going to try really hard to keep my posts this year under 1,000 words.

What happens next?

Before next Wednesday I’m going to JoAnn’s Fabrics & look at material for a new gaming mat. I need to replace my old sheet of several years (or repaint it for another type of terrain). I will prime the figures & begin the basecoats.

In addition, I’m going to Area 51 in Grapevine & see if I can set up games for Thursdays or Fridays a couple of times a month. Then, if I have time, I’ll swing up to Reaper’s Asylum in Denton & pick up a boxer from their Chronoscope line. Betty Caruso needs another opponent… she can’t fight topless blue aliens every fight!

Also in the queue for tomorrow or Friday, the next installment of New Hope City: PI. I got a new revision from Ed & I’m ready to solve a crime. “Morning was noisy, ugly, & several hours premature. A sharp persistent ringing stabbed my brain into a semiconscious state.” (“Stag Party Girl” by Lawrence Block…. gotta love the pulps!)

Later this year will see more adventures for Brisia, Elvira Nightshade, Betty Caruso, Menalippe, Caroline Matthews, and Pearl. But Texicon is the big focus for the next few months.

This is the year when I make myself submit a novel for publication. I’m morphing Pearl’s Plight into a book.

During downtime, I’m rereading A Princess of Mars. I’m thinking that sometime in the future I’d like to run a By Savvy & Steel game set on Barsoom. Hopefully the price of Tharks at Bronze Age Miniatures will come down a little (or I get a raise! LOL!).
Finally, a website for the week: FASHION-ERA There is nothing more disappointing than a wargamer who spends hours & hours researching uniforms getting the lace & facing colors just right & then plops a civilian figure into the game or diorama that is a hundred years out of date. Yes, you know who you are. You have your 1880 cavalry regiment coming to the rescue of a 1740 bar wench you are passing as a frontier woman. Or you have your 1654 Engilsh Civil War General frolicking with an 1880s soiled dove. On TMP & other sites you guys contend the button color of 1807 uniforms vs. 1809 uniforms…. yet somehow… women all look alike & we dress the same for hundreds & hundreds of years.

Save your game from an embarrassing faux pas! A quick look at this website & you can quickly see how civilians dressed & what colors they wore. Your FIW damsel in distress shouldn’t look at home with a brass dance pole.


4 thoughts on “2014 Project Update #1

  1. I’m actually hoping that you’ll continue to write some longer posts – they, like the rest of your work, are often a refreshing change from the short postings that many people write, and I’m always looking forward to seeing a post from you in my mailbox…

    Cheers, Iain

    Best Wishes,

    Iain Davidson


  2. I noticed you mentioned you needed jungle terrain but then purchased more figures! 🙂 I spent a day making jungles with brown pipe cleaners twisted together and leaves from cheap plastic flowers and aquarium plants. I’ll see if I can get some pictures and construction notes up. They look a bit cartoony but the goal for me was to generate a “canopy” look and have something that looked ok for alien planets as well as darkest Africa or Vietnam.

    Great post as always — I applaud your plans and always appreciate seeing a new post notification in my inbox!

    1. Hi Nicholas – I would also be interested in seeing your construction notes as I’m currently working on my Vietnam games and need – lots of canopy 😉

      Cheers, Iain

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