2014 Project Update #2

Figures Painted = 0
Terrain Completed = 1
Games Played = 1
Books Read = 0
Novels Written = 0

Here is the second update. Our wonderfully odd winter weather has kept me from completing any figures. The weather has not been nice enough to spray any matte sealer out in the garage. I’ve got a bottle of Reaper’s Brush On Sealer & I may give it a try this next week.

Texicon Project

This week I painted a domed African hut from Old Glory. It is a resin model. I painted the interior black. For the exterior, I used Americana Russet craft paint as the base. This color is a brown with a red tint to it. I often use this color to paint the fur of Skaven. Next, I dry brushed the model with another craft paint, Folk Art Barn Wood. This color is a brown with a gray shade. It looks like weathered wood & I thought it would be ideal for the exposed bark of the hut’s branches.

African Domed Hut by Old Glory
African Domed Hut by Old Glory

In photographing the hut, I decided to take a photo of the primary antagonist of the game, Isawannayu. She is a daughter of Chief Tonkawei of the Nobei people. The Nobei & the Lon are the principal peoples of Nobelongga. Isawannayu is considered by many to be a powerful sorceress. She has a large army of female warriors & has now moved into the mountainous center of the country to woo the masked warrior societies to join her cause. Some say her cause is to drive foreigners & their false gods out of Nobelongga, others say her goal is to supplant the king & become undisputed queen of Nobelongga.

Isawannayu - figure by Reaper
Isawannayu – figure by Reaper

I’ve also included a comparison shot of female African warriors. From left to right, miniatures by Obelisk Miniatures, Wargames Foundry, Reaper Miniatures, Wargames Foundry, & Copplestone Castings.

Female Warriors - L to R: Obelisk, Foundry, Reaper, Foundry, Copplestone
Female Warriors – L to R: Obelisk, Foundry, Reaper, Foundry, Copplestone

New Hope City: PI

“The building was fancy. A uniformed doorman stood at attention out in front. I had to show him my shield before he let us inside. He was there to keep out undesirables. Unless they lived in the penthouse.” (“I Don’t Fool Around”, by Lawrence Block)

I played the next encounter in my New Hope City, PI game. In this encounter, Gus returned to the scene of the crime & questioned the victim’s spouse. I’ve written a post on the game mechanics & will finish the story it generated soon.

What’s Next?

With the weather taking more of a wintery turn, I did not get any of the hobby errands I had planned done. I guess it will be best just to report on things that do get done rather than on things I wish I could get done.

I am nearly finished with ERB’s A Princess of Mars. As always, it is a fun read.

In keeping with A Princess of Mars, this week’s featured website is The Art of Barsoom. The site features artwork of over 100 artists who have created paintings or illustrations of places & characters from ERB’s Barsoom series of novels. What is really neat is that the site contains links to the home page of the artist where you can learn more about the artist’s works & purchase prints.