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Oh, Mr. Bones! – Part 2

The first steps are to prepare the miniatures for painting. As with almost all Reaper figures, there is very little flash on the 2 metal figures & there is no flash at all on the Bones figures. I then used Aleen’s Tacky Glue, which is a white glue, to attach the miniatures to 25mm round bases.

Once the glue was set, I mounted each figure on a bottle cap from a 2 liter soda bottle. I do this so that I won’t touch the model while I’m painting it. I use a gummy putty-like product called “Handi-Tac” or sometimes “Blue Tack” or even “Poster Putty” to hold the figure to the bottle cap.

Preparing figures for painting
Preparing figures for painting

The next step is to use a dry wall spackling material on the bases to cover the slots in the slotta bases and to add texture to the base so that the figure doesn’t look like it is standing on a pedestal.

Once that is dry, the figures are ready to be primed. For the metal figures, I used Liquidtex Gray Gesso. I like using Gesso on the larger figures, but you do have to give it time to cure. I usually let it set overnight. Sometimes during curing the shrinkage of the Gesso bonding to the surface will expose bits of metal that will have to be redone.

77086 Townsfolk Strumpet
77086 Townsfolk Strumpet

I’ve read articles from other painters where Bones figures do not need primer. That being said, it is recommended that your first coat not be thinned or diluted as some painters experienced beading if the paint was too thin. So for the first coat, I used Reaper’s Dark Shadow paint from their Dark Flesh triad & applied it to the entire miniature.

After half an hour (could have been less time, but I got caught up in a computer game), the Bones figures are ready for the base coats. The metal figures won’t be ready until tomorrow.

77169 Flesh Golem (which I'll paint up as a Grath)
77169 Flesh Golem (which I’ll paint up as a Grath)