Preparing for Texicon – Part 1

Texicon is 105 days away. I’m confident that I will be able to put together a good game in that time. I will run the game once a day each of the three days of the con. Each gaming session will last 4 hours.

As I assemble the cast and scenery for the scenario, I thought I would post the progress of the project. The first year I ran a RRtK game pitting 2 Amazon armies against each other. The following year I ran a RSBM game with fantasy gladiators. Last year I returned to RRtK and ran a game of 2 ancient Greek armies.

This year we go Colonial. The first part of the game the players will explore and hunt in a sacred valley of Nobelongga. At some point, someone will trigger an attack by the Nobelongga natives.

The first unit I’ve assembled is the Footuck unit of Nobe women. They are a Rep 3 unit whose leader is Rep 4, Jelani, “the mighty.”

Footuck regiment of Nobe women
Footuck regiment of Nobe women
Their leader, Jelani, "the mighty", is in the center
Their leader, Jelani, “the mighty”, is in the center

Next is the PEF that will likely cause some panic among the players. He is Rep 12, has Star Power of 6, is Terrifying, and Ferocious:

The king beast: Kong
The king beast: Kong

While not as powerful as Kong, the explorers who disturb this PEF will have their hands full. Don’t let the Rep 3 fool you, this critter also has a Star Power of 1 and is poisonous.

A giant poisonous spider
A giant poisonous spider
Giant Spider figure from Reaper's Legendary Encounters line
Giant Spider figure from Reaper’s Legendary Encounters line

The last PEF I’m revealing tonight is an object. May the gods have mercy on the explorers who find this malevolent idol. The explorer’s party will be challenged to maintain their sanity.

A malevolent idol
A malevolent idol


That is a wrap for this post. The players will definitely see the Footuck unit of Nobe women. Only their dice rolling will determine if they see Kong, the giant spider, or the malevolent idol.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Texicon – Part 1

  1. I like the spider done in shades of brown, instead of the usual black. Makes sense, too: a predator that large would need to sort of blend in to the scenery to get close enough to its prey to rush out of cover and attack.

  2. Elaine I’ll be coming to Texicon; I’m interested in playing in your Colonial Adventures scenario and learn to play those rules. Also I was wondering if you’d be willing to help show me how to make up a character in Colonial Adventures and teach me the rules, so I’ won’t be lost when playing in your adventure you will be running.. Thank you Richard Nelson,

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