To 2015 and Beyond!

What happened? The wonderful year of 2014 is over and a new one has begun. My blogging suffered this year. I made only 15 posts. Writing also suffered, I didn’t finish anything to send to a publisher.

So what did happen? Well, a roommate that wasn’t helping with the bills was sent packing. My son has moved in with me to help take care of the house and give him a break on rent as he returns to college to earn a degree in engineering. He’s making a fairly big career change from nursing to bio-medical engineering. In addition, after I’m gone, he and his sister will have to do something with the house, so it is in his interest to help keep it up.

Nathan as Brewmeister For a Day at a brewery in New Hampshire
Nathan as Brewmeister For a Day at a brewery in New Hampshire

Hobby-wise, it was a very fun year. I painted 35 science fiction figures, 291 colonial figures and 1 renaissance figure (it was a free sample from Wargames Foundry). I got busy with terrain and constructed 32 pieces of terrain, most of it jungle forest. The work paid off. I had a blast running a “Darkest Africa” type of game at Texicon and the game won the Excellence in Miniatures trophy. Now I’m inspired to attempt a repeat.

Excellence in Miniatures trophy
Excellence in Miniatures trophy

As for my health, the year was a wash. The first half of the year I managed to lose several pounds (had to fit into an Edwardian dress for Texicon!). However, when my son moved in, we had to do some minor remodeling and painting and rearranging the entire house. So, I slid back into old bad eating habits and gained back every ounce I had lost. Well this year I’ve got to get healthy. Not only so I can wear an Edwardian or Victorian dress at Texicon, but to ward off some of the inflexibility that comes with getting older. Plus I just want to feel better.

I try to do a little travelling each year. Mostly to visit historical spots. This year I went to Fort Davis, Texas. Named after the fort that protected the San Antonio to El Paso road. Part of the fort has been restored and the site is operated by the National Park Service. In addition, a few miles outside of Ft. Davis is the McDonald Observatory and I was able to attend a star party at the observatory that was very informative, exciting, and fun. On the way to and from, I stopped in Big Spring to visit my brothers.

Officers' Barracks, Ft. Davis
Officers’ Barracks, Ft. Davis

Plans for this year include goals that may be stretching things a bit, but I’m going to try to post at least once a week to my blog. I’ve updated to a new theme that has a steeper learning curve, so I’ve got a lot of work ahead to learn how to create something that people will want to read.
I will be attending Texicon again. This year, they have added another day. I’m not sure what game or games I will run this year. I’m leaning toward a return to the jungles of Nobelongga. After a few years absence, I’m going to try to attend ReaperCon this year. There isn’t a lot of miniatures gaming at ReaperCon, but they have fantastic classes on painting and sculpting. I totally missed the G33K3 convention in 2014, but I don’t know if they plan to do one in 2015.

Instead of bouncing around from game to game, this year I’m going to do a Colonial campaign set in Nobelongga and play at least one campaign game a month. Ed, of Two Hour Wargames, is releasing a supplement during the first part of the year set in Mission Saint Mary, the only port city in Nobelongga. While I won’t have to paint a lot of figures for the campaign. I will get to make new things for terrain. In the past, I’ve used pieces of blue felt to represent rivers. This year, I’m going to try to make a fast flowing river with rapids and a small waterfall. I’m also going to construct paper and foamcore buildings. Mission Saint Mary is a combination of European and Arabic buildings with African huts outside of the main walls.

Rules used for my campaign in Nobelongga
Rules used for my campaign in Nobelongga

There will be some fantasy painting and gaming this year as well. I should receive my Bones II Kickstarter from Reaper around March. So I will have many, many fantasy figures to paint. While on the subject of figure painting, I painted 327 28mm figures in 2014. I’m going to shoot for the moon and attempt painting 600 total figures in 2015, at least 400 28mm and 200 in other scales.

Writing has gotten back on track and I hope to send off at least 3 pieces of work to publishers in 2015.

Well, as you can see, I’ve put a lot on my plate, perhaps too much. The fun part is to see how much I can get done without any stress. (Psst, don’t bet on me getting it all done. I am often better at doing things in my mind that doing them in reality.)

My painting desk in a corner of my bedroom.
My painting desk in a corner of my bedroom.

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