Lemurian Lions

“Saber-toothed Cats (also known as Lemurian Lions) are marsupials much the size of very large African lions, with teeth up to 8″ long and a mouth able to open 120 degrees to bite. Hunts in prides.” – Baron Sir Roger FitzLyon (Hugh K. Singh), Colonial Lemuria

One of the things that makes Mission St. Mary such a versatile game is its setting which can incorporate any element found in any pulp story. From dinosaurs to mysterious aliens, from urban treaty ports to dense jungles, they can all find a place in the game. It isn’t difficult at all to pull a character or creature from a story or other game and place it in a Mission St. Mary encounter.

For the Saber-tooth Cat, I relied on the wonderful sourcebook Colonial Lemuria by Hugh Singh available from Two Hour Wargames.

Sources for VSF gaming
Sources for VSF gaming

In Colonial Lemuria, the saber-toothed cat is an aggressive animal which attacks at Rep 5. So in my Mission St. Mary game, the cat is a medium sized fierce animal with a Rep 4, except for when it charges into melee. If the cat charges into melee, then it is a Rep 5 animal. The models that I have are from Reaper’s Dark Heaven Legends line: 02480 Sabertooth Tiger and 03570 Sabertooth Tiger .  The local game store used to carry a good selection of Reaper Miniatures. Sadly, that is no longer the case. I either drive all the way to Reaper’s factory in Denton, or I order on-line from Miniature-GIANT at discounted prices and free shipping.

Saber-toothed cats from Reaper Miniatures

DSCN1479DSCN1480DSCN1481DSCN1482DSCN1483A side note on melee in Mission St. Mary: Europeans and natives without melee weapons tend to do poorly against enemies that do have melee weapons. So when encountering hostiles, shoot straight and shoot often.

Montana Jane's party is attacked by Lemurian Lions
Montana Jane’s party is attacked by Lemurian Lions

Here’s a peek at what’s on the painting table:

Works in progress: Lt. Peter M. Boehm, Chief of Scouts, 4th Cav. - Medal of Honor recipient.
Works in progress: Lt. Peter M. Boehm, Chief of Scouts, 4th Cav. – Medal of Honor recipient.

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