Southpaw Sally, a Figure Review

I often get questions on where I get some of the figures that appear in my games and blog posts. Recently, I’ve gotten questions about my female boxer, Betty Caruso.

The figure I use to represent Betty is “Southpaw Sally” from Ground Zero Games. As far as I know (and I don’t know that much), “Southpaw Sally” is the only 28mm female boxer miniature on the market.

You will find her in the “Gentlemens Collectibles” range of figures. So if you are at work or have children nearby, you may have some explaining to do if you click on the following link:

GC-15 Southpaw Sally

Yes, Southpaw Sally is quite topless. Fortunately, it is not difficult to paint on an appropriate sports bra. I purchased 3 copies of the miniature.  I left 2 topless and painted the sports bra on one. In my opinion, the one with the sports bra looks more realistic. She looks like a female boxer. One of them I painted as a blue skinned Xeog. I left her topless because the 5150 background talks about the vanity of Xeogs and their disdain for body armor.

boxers 2
Sally Southpaw, Betty Caruso, & Kirei Satsriku

The figure is a true 28mm figure. She is about the same height as figures from Hasslefree. She is slightly shorter than figures from Urban Mammoth, Foundry, and Shadowforge. And noticeably shorter than some figures in Reaper’s Chronoscope range. However, she is not so short that she doesn’t fit in or look out of place. The sculpt is very clean with no flash or mold lines and it was a joy to paint.

Here are some comparison photos with figures from other companies:

with Hasslefree Miniatures
urban mammoth
with Urban Mammoth figures
with Reaper Miniature’s Chronoscope figures
with Reaper Miniature’s Bones figures
with figures from Wargames Foundry
with figures from Shadowforge Miniatures
with figures from Games Workshop Necromunda range
bronze age
with Bronze Age Miniatures on Left; Mongoose Judge Dredd figure & sculpting dolly on right
betty and pearl
Betty and Pearl

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  1. I always forget about GZG. The ‘Gentlemen’s Collection’ range wasn’t my thing but I did used to own some of their Stargrunt ranges. I must have another look – that’s for reminding me!

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