Rebecca: a.k.a. “Revy”, a.k.a. “Two Hands”

With “5150: Fringe Space” about to be released, are you looking to add an interesting character to your crew? Or maybe you need a fresh face in your “Urban Renewal” games… playing a band of smugglers in “Larger Than Life?” Perhaps what you need is a gunman, and when it comes to someone who’s a natural with firearms, you need Revy from “Black Lagoon.”

“Black Lagoon” is a manga and anime series about a crew of “pirate mercenaries” in Southeast Asia. The anime is licensed in the U.S. by Funimation and is easily available. I found the series to be well written, both the Japanese script and English script are very good. Now, here is the warning, “Black Lagoon” is not for young children. I say this because there are still people out there who think that anything animated is for kids. Revy, for instance, has quite a potty mouth and frequently drops the “F” bomb. There is also a lot of violence, Revy’s kill count over the two seasons was over 114 (114 is the body count actually shown).

Here’s a few short samples as to why she is called “Two Hands”:
Two Hands Revy
Ring a Ding Ship Chase
Work Conflict
Revy’s Advice

So why include a Revy in your game? She’s ambidextrous, a crack shot, and expert with all kinds of firearms. But, what keeps her from being an over the top Warhammer uber character is her weaknesses. She’s still young and fairly new to her role as a gunman. She’s impetuous, hard headed, and overlooks details that become mistakes. Her biggest problem in the series is that they have a new crew member, “Rock”, who is a Japanese businessman who until recently led a normal life. Revy never had anything close to a normal life and her interactions with Rock puts her into all kinds of dark moods. There are a few scenes where she loses sight of her mission and kills just for the sake of killing.

revy x
Revy in her “kill who I want & steal what I want” mood.

Revy’s philosophy: Revy’s childhood

To capture the look of Revy in miniature, the closest match I could find is “HFA001 Eve” from Hasslefree Miniatures. The miniature painted up nicely. The hardest part was that I wanted to paint the intricate tattoo on Revy’s right arm. It turned out ok for my first try at painting a tattoo, I’ll have to do it more often to get better at it.

two hands revy
Two Hands Revy
rear view
Rear view
Left to right: Reaper metal, Hasslefree, Reaper Bones
Comparison with Foundry figures
comparison 2
Left to Right: Unknown manufacturer, Hasslefree, Bronze Age Miniatures, Foundry

In the last photo, there is a figure I picked up at Metalhead Minis’ table at Texicon. I have no idea who manufactured it. It is a really nice piece, and if anyone could tell me who made it, I’d be grateful.

Revy constantly appears on everyone’s list of badass anime characters. But there is one character in Black Lagoon that is even tougher than Revy: Balalaika

lagoon company
The Lagoon Company

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  1. AF,
    I recently tried using Micron 005 pens to paint warpaint on my Skraelings. Black looked good, yellow didn’t have enough contrast with their skin, and I don’t have a red pen. Perhaps because I write more than I use a brush, I found I could do things I couldn’t with a brush. I mention this because it strikes me that you might find it easier to do tattoos using a blue pen. Just a thought. Merry Christmas!
    David Edgington

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