Hinterland Miniatures

Woo-Hoo! I received an order today from one of my favorite miniature companies, Hinterland Miniatures. Like most miniature companies, it is a small one man shop, in this case, Jason Moses way out in El Paso. Jason produces figures ideal for use in the late Victorian/Edwardian period, the closing years of the 19th century and the opening years of the 20th century including the first year or two of World War One. For the most part, they are female figures, though he does have an interesting all male set of pulp figures.

Like Reaper, Jason gives credit to the sculptors. Paul Hicks has sculpted the bulk of the packs; Alan Marsh, Matt Bickley, and Curtis Fell have also sculpted for Hinterland. The horses are produced under license from eBob, who does such dynamic horse poses. And finally, the artillery is sculpted by Brent Dietrich. The detail is wonderful. I really love the facial expressions. There is rarely any flash or mold lines on the models.

To celebrate Hinterland’s fifth year of business, there is an adorable pack with a figure from each of the main groups, hussar, trench raider, sailor, and askari lifting a stein in a toast. There is a better picture on the Hinterland website, but here is one from my paint table:

a toast
A toast

In addition to the celebration pack, Hinterland released two other new packs this week. One is a gorgeous pair of Schutztruppen on camels. I didn’t purchase this one because I have so many other projects ahead of it. The other new pack is a set of Askari skirmishers. I did purchase this one, and again, there is a better picture on Hinterland’s website:

askari skirmishers
Askari Skirmishers

Finally, I purchased “Princess Tatiana” and the Trench Raider unit builder pack:

Princess Tatiana
trench raiders
Trench Raiders

The pickelhaube of the trench raiders make me think of VSF Zepplin troops a la “Girl Genius.” What? You’ve never read “Girl Genius”, the greatest VSF comic of all time? Girl Genius: Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!
Pictures of Hinterland Miniatures in my collection:

Hinterland Askari firing line
Hinterland Askari firing line
Female Askari by Hinterland Miniatures
Female Askari by Hinterland Miniatures


Lt Matthews
Lt. Caroline Matthews & sailors from the HMS Pinafore are responsible for the safety of Lady Hamilton.
Sailors commanded by Lt. Jane Powell - figures by Hinterland Miniatures
Sailors commanded by Lt. Jane Powell – figures by Hinterland Miniatures
Countess Frederica Eugenia Dumazakow
Countess Frederica Eugenia Dumazakow

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