Painting with the Floozy, Part 1

Amazons parley with a dragon
Amazons parley with a dragon

Painting Like a Mad Woman

In just three weeks I will play a Rally Round the King (RRtK) game pitting two Amazon armies against one another.  It’s an opportune time to add a few units to the two armies.  So I’m going to spend a little time painting nothing but Amazons.

What many of you may not know is that once upon a time, the Floozy had one hundred pairs of shoes.  With one hundred pairs of shoes, there were one hundred shoe boxes.  I no longer keep that many pair of shoes.  I think I’m down to about eight or ten pairs of shoes.  However, I kept many of the shoe boxes to keep things in.  Thirty shoe boxes contain unpainted and partially painted figures.   From a few of those shoe boxes I’ve pulled out 275 Amazons to paint in the next three weeks.

Two trays of Amazons - 275 figures
Two trays of Amazons – 275 figures

The Amazons are in various stages.  Some just require a few details to be finished and some of them were still waiting to be assembled.  About 240 – 245 of them are Eureka’s Greek Amazons.  The rest are from Wargames Foundry, Reaper, Wargame Factory (now owned by Warlord Games), and a couple of other manufacturers I don’t remember off of the top of my head.  Will I paint all 275 figures in three weeks?  No, but it will be fun to see how many I do get done.

Getting Started

Whenever I start a new project, and sometimes for no reason at all, I clean and organize my work area.  My work area is a small corner of my bedroom.  It’s basically a bookshelf with one of those shelves that fold out into a desk.  I have two desk lamps to give plenty of light.  The shelves hold paint, basing materials, and hobby tools.  To the right of the “desk” is a wooden TV tray which holds my Reaper and Vallejo paints.

Hobby area
Hobby area

dscn2235Some of the figures were bare metal and needed some assembly – attaching shields and spears.  Some of the figures had to be removed from bases.  When I first bought the Amazons many years ago, they were going to be used as a Classical Greek army for Warhammer Ancient Battles, which is a game where figures are individually based.  Finally, I have all 275 figures ready for painting.

Painting Rituals

I’m a slow painter, but I do enjoy the time I spend painting.  The first step to enjoying a painting session is to select some good ambient music.  I have playlists on both my iPad and on YouTube.  I select one I’m interested in.  Today’s choice is “Film Noir Jazz.”

The next step is equally important, selecting a relaxing beverage.  Here’s what we’re drinking today (one of the Floozy’s favorites):dscn2238The last few years I’ve been priming figures with gesso.  I use LiquidTex Gesso which comes in three colors, white, gray, and black.  I primed the bare metal figures with  black gesso and left them to dry over night.  Gesso shrinks as it dries, so sometimes you have to do a touch up coat where it shrank to expose a small bit of metal.

My primer of choice for 28mm figures.
My primer of choice for 28mm figures.
Primed figures
Primed figures

Next Time

I was ready to start painting skin tones when I realized it was time to write this post.  I’m going to continue working on the figures and will post an update next Friday.  I usually paint skin first, then hair, then clothing, then belts and accessories.  Once everything is painted, I may or may not give the figure a wash before adding final details and highlights.

I do wonder how many will be finished in time for the game.  I usually complete twelve to thirty figures a month.  I don’t paint every day and my attention span isn’t the greatest.  The main thing is that I enjoy the process and not push myself to the point where painting becomes a despised chore.  (If I do somehow paint all 275 figures, I will certainly brag about it for months!)

The first Amazon vs. Amazon game - 2011
The first Amazon vs. Amazon game – 2011