Amazon vs. Amazon at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Today was my birthday and that means it was time for the annual Amazon vs. Amazon battle.  This year, I played the game with a twist – instead of being set on Valkae, I chose to set the game on Colonial Lemuria in the Kingdom of Nobelongga – the year is 1900.

The queen has died and the experiment of allowing women to serve in the military is over.  Some of the women will stay on to train and lead the king’s regiment of female Askari.  For others, this is the end of their service and they will soon return home to civilian life.  The last patrol is to accompany the Askari into a mountain valley and disperse the army of female warriors led by Isawannayu.

The rules used for this game was Colonial Adventures, 2nd Edition – available from Rebel Minis.  The terrain for the game turned out to be simple: Sections 1, 3 & 9 were wooded hills and all of the other sections were woods.

The rebel forces under Isawannayu

The native rebel force led by Isawannayu:

1 Rep 5 Guard Infantry – ferocious with spear and shield.
2 Rep 5 Infantry – ferocious with spear and shield.
5 Rep 4 Infantry – with spear and shield.
4 Rep 3 Infantry – with spear and shield.
1 Rep 3 Infantry – with rifles.
1 Rep 3 Infantry – with bows.

A total of 14 units – 140 figures.

The King’s Askari & British Naval Brigade

The force of the King’s Women Askari assisted by British Naval Brigade:

1 Rep 5 British Naval Brigade commanded by Lt. Jane Powell
1 Rep 5 Askari Infantry commanded by Lt. Caroline Matthews
1 Rep 4 Askari Infantry commanded by Lt. Martha Hildebrandt
1 Rep 4 Askari Infantry Detachment commanded by Lt. Judith Aubrey
1 Rep 4 Maxim Machine Gun with Askari crew

A total of 3 units, 1 detachment & 1 gun – 38 figures.

Isawannayu’s plan was simple.  Pin the Askari with her right flank which consisted of infantry, the rifle unit and the bows.  Assault the Naval Brigade with her best infantry supported by the lesser skilled units (the Rep 5 & Rep 3 units).  She would lead her on Guard Infantry and other Infantry units on the left flank to attack the enemy’s flank and rear.

Lt. Jane Powell was in over all command of the King’s troops.  Indeed, the commissions of the 4 Lieutenants was separated by minutes as they were all commissioned on the same day.  Her plan was to advance through the jungle sweeping all resistance away.  Her rear would be guarded by the Maxim and Lt. Aubrey’s detachment.

The bow unit anchors the rebel’s right flank.

Turn 1

Drums that had been drumming through the night fell silent.  The silence was short lived for the jungle erupted into soprano war cries.  “Fix bayonets!” commanded Lt. Powell.  Satisfied her units were ready, she gave the command to advance.

Through the shadows and mist, a unit of white feathered warriors appeared before them.  The Naval Brigade fired and inflicted a casualty.  In response, the feathered warriors led by Ode advanced forward.

The white feathered Rep 5 units

Lt. Matthews led her Askaris forward.

On the hill, the Maxim crew saw that Ode’s unit had advanced into range and opened fire.  Two more warriors went down and the white feathered warriors continued to advance.

Lt. Hildebrandt led her Askari unit forward and another white feathered unit appeared out of the mist.  Hildebrandt’s unit fired striking down a warrior.  This elite unit led by Akua advanced forward.

Shrouded in morning shadow, the Maxim opens fire

Mindful of the gap between the Naval Brigade and Lt. Matthews’ Askaris, Lt. Aubrey led her detachment forward and fired at Ode’s advancing warriors.  Two more warriors go down, but instead of stopping Ode, Ode charges.  Aubrey’s detachment manages to bring down one more warrior before Ode’s unit makes contact.  Lt. Aubrey loses an Askari, but holds firm.

The native force is now activated & all units advance.  Ode’s unit fights another round of melee.  One Askari is slain and one runs away, but Aubrey holds.

Lt. Aubrey’s detachment is charged.

Turn 2

The native force fails to activate.

The Naval Brigade advances leaving Aubrey to fend for herself.  Lt. Powell fires at one of the supporting units ( a Rep 3 unit).  Inflicts 2 casualties, but the unit advances.

Lt. Matthews advances her unit and fires at the same enemy unit the Naval Brigade had fired upon.  One more warrior goes down.  The entire unit then runs away.

Lt. Aubrey disengages from melee, fires and causes another casualty.  Ode attempts to charge Aubrey, but is slain.  The remainder of Ode’s unit runs away.

The Maxim fires at the unit threatening Lt. Hildebrandt

The Maxim opens up on Akua’s unit (Rep 5) and scores 2 hits.  Akua’s white feathered warriors halt in confusion as Lt. Hildebrandt’s Askaris fire a devastating volley killing 4 warriors.  The unit breaks and flees.

Turn 3

The European led forces activate first.  Lt. Powell’s Naval Brigade fires a volley into an advancing unit.  With one killed and one running away, the advancing warriors halt.

Lt. Matthews advances and pours a volley into a supporting unit.  The volley only kills one, but the entire unit flees.

Naval Brigade keeps the enemy at bay with volley after volley

The remnants of Aubrey’s detachment moves toward Lt. Hildebrandt’s unit.  The Maxim crew disassembles the Maxim and moves off of the hill to better support the Naval Brigade.

Lt. Hildebrandt’s unit fires at an advancing warrior unit (Rep 4).  Two are killed and three run away.  The warriors don’t break, but they do halt.

During the native activation all units not halted move.  The rifle unit fires at Lt. Matthew’s unit killing one.  The bow unit fires at Lt. Hildebrandt’s unit causing a casualty.

Ebb and flow of shadows and battle

Turn 4

The European led troops continue to devastate the natives with their volleys.  Powell’s Naval Brigade inflicts casualties on another unit causing it to flee.  Matthews’ unit turns its attention to the native rifle unit and decimates it causing the remnants to flee.  Likewise, Hildebrandt’s unit destroys the native bows.

Lt. Aubrey and her remaining Askari joins Hildebrandt’s unit.  The Maxim crew continues to move seeking a position to support the force’s rear.

Isawannayu’s Guard Unit – on the very end of the line; spent most of the game manuevering

During the native activation, a support unit (Rep 3) attempts to charge the Naval Brigade, but fails the wanting to charge test.

A Rep 4 unit does charge Lt. Matthews’ unit.  In the charge, the warriors lose 3 including their leader.  One runs away before contact is made.  In melee, Matthews’ Askaris kill one more and one warrior runs away.

Isawannayu’s flanking force appears behind the European lines.

Turn 5

The Naval Brigade advances and fires another volley.  The native unit takes another casualty, but again fails the wanting to charge test.

Lt. Matthews’ unit fights another round of melee, kills 3 and the remaining warrior flees.

Lt. Hildebrandt’s unit advances and fires at remaining unit of enemy’s right flank.  Three warriors go down under the volley and the rest of the unit flees.

Pack mule with ammo supply.

The Maxim fires at a fast approaching unit in the rear killing two, but the gun jams.

The native forces activate.  The unit facing Powell finally passes its wanting to charge test and charges.  In the charge, the Naval Brigade kills 3 and when contact is made one more warrior is slain.  This breaks the warriors and they flee.

Turn 6

The European led force fails to activate.

The last remaining unit of the native center charged the Naval Brigade.  The Brigade fires as the natives charge, killing 5 including the unit’s leader.  This breaks the charge and the remaining warriors flee.  The only native units remaining are Isawannayu’s flanking force and they are in the rear.

A native unit charges the jammed Maxim.  The Askari officer kills one, but it doesn’t stop the charge.Turn 7

Native force activates first.  The Maxim crew is destroyed.  The rest of the flanking force advances hoping to destroy the Naval Brigade.

The Naval Brigade turns and fires at the unit which just destroyed the Maxim.  Kill 2 including the leader & 2 run away.

Lt. Matthews’ unit turns and also fires at the same unit killing one and forcing the others to flee.

Lt. Hildebrandt’s unit also turns.

Lt. Hildebrandt’s unit.

Turn 8

Remaining native units move into position to attack the Naval Brigade.

The Naval Brigade fires at Isawannayu’s Guard Unit hitting one.  Isawannayu launches a charge.  The Naval Brigade takes out 4 more, but the charge continues. In the ensuing melee, the Naval Brigade loses one.

Lt. Matthews advances her unit and fires at the other remaining unit and hits 3.

Lt. Hildebrandt advances.

Lt. Matthews’ Askari unit

Turn 9

Melee with the Naval Brigade continues.  Two warriors fall and Isawannayu flees.  Seeing their leader flee, the last remaining native unit also flees.

Isawannayu flees

Closing Notes

The photos were taken using natural light with my iPad. (That explains the light & shadows)

All of the figures comprising the Native Rebel Force except for the bow unit are by Wargames Foundry and still available in their Darkest Aftica Collection.

The Native Bow unit, the figures used for Lt. Matthews and Lt. Hildebrandt are from Copplestone Castings and available through North Star Miniatures.

The figure used for Lt. Aubrey is from Old Glory.

The figures for the Naval Brigade and female Askaris are from Hinterland Miniatures.

The figure leading the pack donkey is from Reaper and I don’t remember the company that made the pack donkey.

Recently painted warriors using Masai motiffs for the shields
One last look at the Maxim gun from Hinterland Miniatures

As always, thank you all for taking time to read my blog.


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