French Infantry Regiment Gardes Lorraines, 2nd Battalion

Feb. 23, the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick was detached at seven o’clock this morning, with two battalions of Hanoverians, two battalions of the Brunswick guards, one squadron of dragoons, and a body of light horse, to Hoya, a place of great importance, with orders to dislodge General Count de Chabot, who had been posted there with a considerable body of French, consisting of the two battalions of the Gardes Lorraines, two companies of grenadiers, some piquets of the regiment of Bretagne, and a detachment from the regiment of Mestre de camp dragoons, being some of the best troops in France.

– The Operations of the Allied Army Under the Command of His Serene Highness Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick and Luneberg

I’ve finished painting a second battalion of infantry for my Seven Years War project.  This time it is a French unit, the second battalion of the Gardes Lorraines.  So, how do I know it is the 2nd battalion and not the first?  Well, I’ve decided that the first battalions of a regiment will have two flags –  the colonel’s color and the regiment’s color.  All other battalions of a regiment will have only one flag – the regiment’s color.

And for you button hole counters out there, I am aware that the grenadier company actually wore a tricorne, but Pendraken doesn’t make a French grenadier in a tricorne.  Most grenadier companies began adopting the bearskin in 1759, so I’ve opted to use Pendraken’s grenadiers in bearskin.  I really don’t have the skills (or patience) to do head swaps on 10mm figures.

I’m getting the hang of painting 10mm.  It really isn’t as hard as you would think.  In fact, for me painting 10mm is easier than painting 15mm figures.

As always, don’t be shy about leaving comments or criticisms (the constructive kind, not the kind about mother wearing army boots).  Now I need to get back to work on the next battalion!

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  1. I do like the paint job. As for the grenadier I use regular infantry. I use the bearskins for the grenadier battalions. If you wish you may even mix the two. I have few links that I would be glad to share. Drop me an e-mail.


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