More Dwarfs and a Big Rat!

Rat Killin’ Dwarf Style

I finished painting Reaper’s Nalila Goldhammer this week and thought I’d show her off with a few dwarfs I’ve done in the past along with a giant rat ogre.

03413 Nalila Goldhammer, Female Dwarf Paladin

I chose to give Nalila blackened armor, she certainly wears a lot of it.  I used Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal Grey for the armor.  A note about the hair, my go-to color brown hair is a craft paint – Folk Art 944 Nutmeg.  I like that it is a medium brown with a red tint to it.  Nalila is available in Reaper’s Dark Heaven Legends Line: 03413 Nalila Goldhammer .

03399 Lydia Copperthumb


Lydia’s armor is black leather with yellow trim.  I chose to use a red leather to add more color to the figure.  She is also available in Reaper’s Dark Heaven Legends line: 03399 Lydia Copperthumb .

14082 Margara, Dwarf Mage

One of my favorite dwarfs.  I use her as my avatar.  The base color I use for deep auburn red hair is Vallejo Cadmium Umber Red.  The leather is my go-to color for leather: Reaper MSP Oiled Leather.  I have about a half dozen colors for leather, but Oiled Leather is the one I use most often.  Margara is from Reaper’s Warlord line: 14082 Margara .

02719 Ametrine Earthlyte

Ametrine is a big girl (for a dwarf) with a big axe.  I like this pose.  She is ready to deliver a mighty blow – one of those legendary blows that splits a person in half.  Ametrine is from Reaper’s Dark Heaven Legends line: 02719 Ametrine Earthlyte .

77292 Giant Wererat

Ok, Reaper calls him a giant wererat.  He’s a rat ogre.  He’s been seen before in my post “Plastic Monster Goodness.”  He is from the Reaper Bones line: 77292 Giant Wererat .

Above is a group shot of the figures featured today.  And in closing is a shot of what is on my messy paint table.  As always, your comments are always appreciated.  In fact, I look forward to them every time I post.


3 thoughts on “More Dwarfs and a Big Rat!

  1. The use of metal models with the crisp details for character models in either skirmish games or RPGs has been one of my favourite pastimes. But now that Bones are here it actually means that all those big monsters can now be had for a much more sensible price. Looks like you have a very similar idea. Keep putting the paint colour names down please as this gives me ideas too. Thanks for your work it’s great.

  2. I like the Reaper Chronoscope minis, I have a squad of those NovaCorp guards painted up. I do have a hard time with the flash on them, sometimes I can’t see the join line needs more trimming until I’ve tried to paint it! Cheap and excellent sculpts.

  3. I like Nalila’s white lace collar, which makes her look just a touch feminine. She could also fit into an Elizabethan scenario.
    Like Chris, I like the idea of using Reaper Bones figures for those large monsters that you will use only rarely (as opposed to your characters); it also does help to keep the cost down. David

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