Dwarf in Spaaacce!

Fresh off of the painting table is Patti Fink, a.k.a. “Shortcake.”  She’s a Net Runner by profession and 1st mate on a trader.  She’s not an alien in 5150, she’s a “Basic” (Basic Humanoid).The figure is from Hasslefree Miniatures.  She is a Grymn Mech pilot – HFG405 Pilot Hayden , which comes in resin and metal.  This is the metal version.She was a joy to paint.  As usual, I used a mixture of Vallejo and Reaper paints.  I clipped off the slot key for the “slotta base” and glued her to a clear 25mm base from Litko.Size comparison with a figure from Foundry’s Street Violence range.  The foam cubes in the background are each 5/8″ tall.Comparison shot of Shortcake with a figure from Reaper’s Chronoscope range.Comparison photo – from left to right:  Foundry, Hasslefree Human, Hasslefree Dwarf, Reaper.Group shot of a few outstanding citizens of New Hope City!  As always, all comments are welcome, especially ones I can use!

One comment

  1. Really like the Hasselfree minis, that have lots of character. Nice work will look forward to hearing of her adventures with Pearl and Co.

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