Where Are Piathoe’s Peaks?

Band of Amazons Riding Across the Plains

With the launch of Talomir Tales – Piathoe’s Peaks, some of you may be wondering where are Piathoe’s Peaks?  Piathoe’s Peaks is one of three mountain ranges on the island of Valkae, home of the Amazons.  The largest mountain range is the Slumbering Dragons, a large impassable range of mountains that run east to west the length of the island.  This mountain range isolates Latona from the other two Amazon city-states.  The Crone’s Teeth mountain range is in the west, in Asteria.  Upon the plains of Nycenae rise the mountain range known as Piathoe’s Peaks.Piathoe’s Peaks is named after Piathoe, a legendary Amazon who was nearly seven feet tall.  Piathoe was among the first Amazons to arrive on Valkae after the great war.  It was after the great war that Tropilium  absorbed and ruled much of Talomir.  The Amazons were in service of the Grachae providing light cavalry for its army and archers for its navy.  The laws of Tropilium forbade women from bearing arms and when Tropilium absorbed the Grachae into its empire, the Amazons that were on the frontier returned to Hykar, but the rest seized ships and sailed to Valkae.Talomir Tales- Piathoe’s Peaks takes place in an area of Nycenae famous for the production of koumiss, an alcoholic beverage popular among the Amazons.Talomir Tales is a series of scenarios and campaigns set in the fantasy world of Talomir by THW Game Design (Two Hour Wargames).  And Piathoe’s Peaks is the first one I have written.So give the Talomir Tales series a try.  There are four titles available with more to come.