Closed for Repairs

There’s always something that needs fixin’!

A Citation!

You know those beautiful homes that win citations for most beautiful lawn?  Winning awards and community praise for well trimmed hedges and colorful flowers?

Well, Floozy Manor did not receive that kind of a citation – she received the one saying “fix up that dump around your house or pay a hefty fine!”  Yeppers, seems a large part of the Floozy’s fence has fallen over and the city is not happy about it.

So, you’ll have to excuse the lack of posts for the next several weeks while the Floozy rebuilds her fence.  She’ll be working on posts of a different kind.  The Floozy is cheap and doesn’t relish the thought of paying a “hefty fine” to the robber baron Republicans that run the city government.  Makes her leftist blood boil at the thought of it.

One of the reasons it will take the Floozy some time to tidy up around Floozy Manor is the heat.  Can’t work much during the day in late July and August where the Floozy lives.  Little known piece of trivia is that it is so hot in the summer – the Rangers will not play any day games until September.

Stay cool my friends and I’ll be back in a few weeks.