Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

While making repairs around Floozy Manor, I did manage to sneak a little time to paint up a band of mounted Amazons for use with Piathoe’s Peaks from Two Hour Wargames.  I’ve had these miniatures for a while and finally kicked myself in the rear and got a few of them painted.  The Amazons are from Casting Room Miniatures, a Wargames Foundry company.  And the male figure is from the Vikings range of Wargames Foundry.

The concept of the Casting Room Miniatures Amazons is to present them wearing Bronze Age armor in an attempt to capture the band of Amazons Penthesilea led at the siege of Troy.  While I can give the sculptor kudos for the concept, the actual sculpting isn’t up to the usual Wargames Foundry standards.  The anatomy is off on some of the models.  Some have necks that are too long, some have arms longer than their legs, and some have hands bigger than their heads.  That being said, they do look good on the table top where a bit of distance can take the eye away from the imperfections.

The lone male is Sonja Wolf-Eyes’ servant, Bait.  Bait’s role in the Amazon band of demon hunters is to be… well, bait.  Enough talking, on to the pictures!

Sonja Wolf-Eyes

Sonja Wolf-Eyes band – ready for Piathoe’s Peaks


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