The Cool Coolie is on Sale Now!

The Cool Coolie is now on sale at Two Hour Wargames!  I’m excited, but I can’t write an unbiased review.  Instead of writing posts this past month or so, I’ve been writing The Cool Coolie.

So what is The Cool Coolie?  It is a scenario book in the 5150 No Limits series of immersion games or “RPG-Lite”, as it is called by some reviewers.  Basically, immersion games are games where the players weave together a story without a lot of the bookkeeping tasks of a traditional RPG (Role Playing Game).

So what is The Cool Coolie about?  It is about the crew of a small ship, a trader hauling freight and passengers in parts of the galaxy which are either too risky or not profitable for the large shipping conglomerates.  And sometimes that means the cargo isn’t quite legal.  You can play the game using the pre-generated characters or you can generate your own characters.  There are sixteen encounters, a mini-campaign, which will take you from the fringe of human controlled space to the heart of the Gaea Prime hegemony and back again.

My inspiration for The Cool Coolie comes from a lot of sources, but the two main ones are “Firefly” for the adventures and “Cowboy Bebop” for the coolness.  In fact, I listened to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack a lot while writing it – oh, pooh!  I listen to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack a lot, period.

Firefly’s ship – Serenity
Firefly cast
The Bebop
The crew of the Bebop

I can tell you that The Cool Coolie is not Firefly and it is not Cowboy Bebop, but it is a fun scenario book in the same vein.  You can pick it up today at Two Hour Wargames!

See you around, Space Cowboy!

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    1. It is nearly stand alone. Originally Ed’s plan was that the 5150 No Limits series & the Talomir Tales series could be purchased as complete games or just scenario books. Now only the first book in each series has the complete rules & all of the other books are just scenario books. So The Cool Coolie is just a scenario book requiring the first 14 or 15 pages of Maiden Voyage to play.

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