Talomir Tales Gnolls for Piathoe’s Peaks

Sonja Wolf-Eyes’ band attacks a pack of Gnolls


Gnolls are large humanoid creatures resembling hyenas.  In some parts of Talomir they are known as Hyenafolk.  These creatures form packs and are seldom found alone.  Packs typically range in size from 10 to 30, though larger packs, often called “tribes” have been known to be as large as 100 members.

They are known to have a lazy lifestyle.  They do not build, farm or hunt. They survive by raiding, pillaging and scavenging.  Gnolls settle in ruins, barrows and other abandoned structures.  They often capture slaves who are forced to perform the menial tasks.

Gnoll Champion – Leader, figure Reaper Bones

Where Are They?

Gnolls are mostly found in the deserts, plains and lightly wooded areas of Talomir.  When they are found in colder climates, heavy forests, mountains or other inhospitable terrain, it is because they are under the control of a powerful magic-user or warlord.

Gnoll Shaman – figure by Reaper Bones

On Valkae, they are mostly found on the great plains of central Nycenae.  In Piathoe’s Peaks, they are found where the plains and foothills begin to give way to the mountain range named for the Amazon heroine, Piathoe.

Female Gnoll Cleric – Reaper Dark Heavens

Gnolls do not manufacture their own weapons, they use weapons they have looted from others.  They do not sharpen blades, once a blade is too dull to cut, they have it sharpened by a slave, or the weapon is discarded.  Because of this inability to maintain weapons, maces, clubs and flails are prevalent among gnolls.

Male Gnoll Cleric – figure by Reaper Bones


It is not known if Gnolls are dimwitted or just too lazy to think.  In Piathoe’s Peaks, Gnolls have the Dim racial attribute.  This means they suffer a -1d6 when interacting with other characters.

Gnoll Fighter – figure by Reaper Bones
Gnoll Warrior – figure by Reaper Bones
Pre-painted plastic Gnoll from Wizards of the Coast.


Gnolls are enjoying somewhat of a renaissance, perhaps it is because they are everywhere in World of Warcraft!  You can get 28mm Gnoll miniatures from a variety of companies today, including hard plastic multi-pose miniatures from NorthStar.  The ones in my collection are all from Reaper, except for one that came in a box of random pre-painted D&D miniatures from Wizards of the Coast.  Reaper produces them in both metal and in the Bones plastic line.

Photos were taken using my iPad.  It’s overcast here in the Dallas area & the flash kept going off on my camera, so I switched to the iPad.

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A closer look at Sonja Wolf-Eyes as she cuts down the Gnoll leader.

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  1. Elaine I have a set of war game rules by osprey games called Burrows and Badgers the miniatures used are anthromorphic animals that are figures that stand upright. Do you think Gnolls could be used in that set of rules? Let me know. Richard Nelson.

  2. I have 15mm “Hyenamen” for Piathoe’s peaks from Splintered Light. I’m still struggling to find Amazons and female demons in that scale. I have Legian Queen Guard, female javlineers and bow-women from Battle Valor Games, but they aren’t quite what I imagine the Amazons in Piathoes Peaks to look like.

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