Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens

Last week, which was last year, I set a goal to paint 520 miniatures in 2019.  Here’s what came off of the painting desk this week, six fantasy figures and four science fiction figures.  Plus, I rebased two figures that had already been painted.

Alexis Spellsinger

First up is Alexis Spellsinger from Reaper Miniatures.  One of the lovely things about this caster is that she is wearing a crown, so she can also be used to represent royalty such as a queen or empress.

Oksana Spring Magius

Oksana is also from Reaper Miniatures.  She is definitely a caster, but she can also be used as a government official, advisor, scholar or cleric.

Both Alexis and Oksana were sculpted by Sandra Garrity.  Sandra Garrity’s female figures often have long thick luxurious hair.

Lodoni Female Rogue

This impish figure was sculpted by Jeff Grace.  Lodoni can be found in the Dark Heaven range of Reaper Miniatures, in fact all of this week’s fantasy figures are from that range.  I really like this dynamic pose.

Lorna the Huntress

What I like about Lorna is the raised fist.  She might be fist pumping in celebration, but I think she is bellowing a challenge.  Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, she’s perfect for any barbarian or Amazon figure.

Therese Female Thief

Another Bobby Jackson sculpt, Therese looks as though she means business with a fair amount of finesse.

Ahlissa of the Blade

The Sisters of the Blade have an interesting history at Reaper.  They began as a company of barbarian mercenaries and by the time Reaper released their Warlord tabletop game, they had become a militant order of nuns with a mercenary bent.  These warrior nuns were no longer scanty clad barbarians, but were now decked out in plate armor.  The worst thing Reaper ever did, in my opinion, was to mount their cavalry on giant weasels. Yuck.

Ahlissa like most of the early Sisters of the Blade was sculpted by Sandra Garrity. 

That wraps up the fantasy figures painted this week.  Why did I choose these?  Well, there’s a Talomir Tales adventure waiting for this group.  A warrior, two thieves, a caster and a shooter hired to escort a member of royalty – who better to go dungeon crawling with?

Now I get to turn my attention to the figures that were the most fun to paint this week, the aliens!

“Wait, wait,” I hear you ask “how is a nearly naked woman an alien?”  Here’s an obvious hint:This buxom reclining lass is from Bronze Age Miniatures and is a member of a Martian harem from their “not” John Carter line of miniatures.  These are wonderful figures, the only drawback is that they come on really thick bases.

A curious thing about most of the harem figures I’ve ever seen, they all have a shackle with a metal ring on an ankle.  I guess being a part of a harem isn’t always voluntary.

I rebased two aliens which were already painted.  I don’t know who is or was the manufacturer of these figures.  I bought them from Ed Teixeira of Two Hour Wargames.  I wonder if these figures have anything to do with female aliens in the 5150 series being bald?

The next three aliens are all from Zombiesmith’s Random Aliens Passing Through series.  Some of these aliens have made it into 5150 books:  New Hope City PI, Back Alleys Bright Lights and (shameless plug alert!) The Cool Coolie.

Abtol Skrit is a Buardeem in the 5150 verse they are known for two things – being the best cooks in the galaxy and being some of the biggest drunks in the galaxy.  They’re probably the ones who wrote the best selling cookbook, “To Serve Man” from the Twilight Zone.Gormoinin Riil is a Fezglok in the 5150 verse.  They are a bit slow to react, but are reliable muscle when you need it.Broose Axe is a Tip Tip Glom.   These guys show a great amount of initiative in getting things done.  And, oh yeah, they’re always armed – always.

How about a peak at what’s next on the painting table?

Yep, I’m going to lose my mind painting gobbos!

Thanks ever so much for reading this post.  As always, your comments, criticisms, and culinary advice are always welcome.  Here’s a last piece of eye candy.  I found this picture adorable, but since I can’t read Japanese, I don’t know who the artist is.

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  1. As for the picture Elaine a idea came to me Elaine. Find some female figures that look like Waitresses but they are not. They are assassins that kill by serving food like the Bug in Men in Black movie. Just a suggestion for a 5150 game Elaine.

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