The Rancher’s Daughter, the Madam and … the Zombie Stripper? – Tales from the Paint Table

Following last week’s SCW Nationalist HQ, this week saw a more eclectic batch of miniatures coming off of the paint table.

Group Shot

The Rancher’s Daughter & the Madam

Returning to the Old West theme, I finished two figures from Shadowforge – the Rancher’s Daughter and the Madam.  Shadowforge is now sold by Eureka Miniatures.  I bought these a long time ago from Shadowforge when you could buy them individually.

The Rancher’s Daughter by Shadowforge

Madam with Rifle by Shadowforge

Wounded Gunfighter

Another wounded gunfighter from Knuckleduster Miniatures is finished.  This is one of the old sculpts before Knuckleduster began doing 3D rendering for its masters.

Recent Old West figures for a group shot:

When the smoke cleared, Tom Lempkin lay dead and Zeb wasn’t long for this world.

Conquest Comanche

The Comanche is from Conquest Miniatures, which is now sold by Warlord Games.  I bought the full set of Comanche from Conquest long ago, before the line was acquired by Warlord.  The hardest thing for me to do is to paint war paint.  I somehow feel like I’m defacing a miniature that I’ve spent a lot of time painting.  Silly – I know, so I usually paint a minimal amount of war paint especially on the horses.

Askari Mountain Gun

It has been ages since I’ve painted anything for my Colonials collection.  This week I finished the Askari Mountain Gun from Wargame Foundry’s Darkest Africa Collection.  I really do need to play a Colonial – pulp style game.

The Zombie Stripper

A while back I bought some already painted Sci-Fi from Ed of Two Hour Wargames.  I’m in the process of touching up some of the paint jobs and rebasing all of them on clear bases from Litko.  Here’s a Zombie Stripper from Reaper Miniatures.

The Tally

Remember that impulsive goal I set at the beginning of the Year?  No, not the one to lose weight – the one to paint 520 figures in 2019.  Well here is the count so far:

  •  8 28mm Fantasy Figures
  •  13 28mm Old West Figures
  •  13 20mm Spanish Civil War Figures
  • 4 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  • Rebased 3 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  • 28 pieces of terrain

I’ve painted 34 figures toward my goal of 520 – not counting figures I’ve rebased or terrain I’ve built or painted.

Once again, the photos were all taking on my dining room table with my iPad.  No floozies were harmed in the making of this post.  Any and all comments are welcome and encouraged!

Do you ever have a figure that represents you on the table top?  Here’s me showing my best side – THE END

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