Brunswick Lieb-Regiment, 2nd Battalion

I was able to spend some time this week on my Seven Years War project.  I finished painting the second battalion of the Brunswick Lieb-Regiment.  Unlike the Hanoverians I’ve painted, the Brunswick troops wore uniforms patterned after the Prussian army instead of the British.

The scenario I’m putting together splits this battalion in half.  The initial plan of the allies was to cross the Weser River with three battalions leaving one battalion and the cavalry to feign a frontal attack on the bridge at Hoya while the 3 battalions took the bridge with a flanking attack.  However, a storm arose and only  the Hanover Regiment von Hauss and half of the 2nd Bn of the Brunswick Lieb-Regiment were able to cross the river.

the battalion in line

The figures are 10mm from Pendraken.  I know that some of you are accusing the Floozy of heresy for not using 28mm figures.  The scenario calls for 318 figures, a bridge, trenches, woods, a wide river, and about a dozen buildings.  The Floozy doesn’t have a table big enough.  However, all of it will fit on a 4′ x 4′ table using 10mm figures.

The rules I’ll be using will be adapted from Muskets and Shakos available from Rebel Minis.  The rules as written are for the Napoleonic period where the Hussars are dashing heroic young men in fancy uniforms, whereas in the Seven Years war, Hussars were scum of the earth in dirty fancy uniforms.

For scale purposes, I’ve included a couple of photos for reference.  One is a picture of 10mm figures next to a current “heroic” 28mm figure.  And for those of you who don’t know how large a 28mm figure is, I’ve included a photo of 10mm figures next to a quarter.

The Count

With the completion of these figures, I move slightly closer to my goal of painting 520 miniatures in one year.  Here’s the count:

  •  11 28mm Fantasy Figures
  •  35 10mm Seven Years War Figures
  •  20 28mm Old West Figures
  •  5 28mm Colonial Era Figures
  •  13 20mm Spanish Civil War Figures
  •  12 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  •  Rebased 10 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  •  29 Terrain Pieces

The total of painted figures now stands at 96 figures – only 424 more to go!

As always, no critters or Floozies were harmed in the production of this post.  Photos were taken using my iPad.  And comments, criticism, and buckets of money are always welcome.


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