A New Forum – Free of Tennis Shoe Ads!

If you are a follower of Two Hour Wargames, then you probably know that its forum crashed last week.  Which it has from time to time, but whether it was the weight of tennis shoes found in the World War II board or some other system error, they decided it was time for a new host for the forum.

The forum in ancient Roman cities was a public square within the marketplace for the exchange of ideas and information.  Of course on Talomir, the forum originated in Tropilium and spread across the known world.  The Amazons of Valkae cry foul as the forum is a rip off of the Greek agora, but I digress.

Anyway, Two Hour Wargames has a new forum where you can discuss rules, ask questions, and post hobby related items.  Come join if you haven’t already.

Two Hour Wargames Forum

And be sure to visit the Two Hour Wargames store if you haven’t bought a copy of The Cool Coolie (see, you just knew there would be a shameless plug!).

Chatting with some Floozies!

2 thoughts on “A New Forum – Free of Tennis Shoe Ads!

  1. I hope he can get the old forum archived in some accessible fashion. There was a treasure trove of clarifications there. And all my AARs of Carrier Command playtesting! Sniff. I hope they aren’t gone forever — that will teach me to blog anything I post elsewhere and make sure it’s backed up!

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