Jake and Friends


You’ll kind of recognize Jake from the movie Silverado.  This is an old sculpt from Westwind/Old Glory’s Cowboy Wars range.  In that range, you’ll find a lot of Western movie characters including the four main characters of Silverado.  Most of the sculpting is very good and the horses are some of the most dynamic poses I’ve ever seen in miniature.

SILVERADO, (l-r): Kevin Costner, Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, 1985, (c)Columbia Pictures

The Westwind/Old Glory Cowboy Wars figures are sold in packs of 4 figures of 2 characters, you get a version of each character on foot and a version of each character mounted.  Wargames Foundry has a similar packaging for most of its Old West range.  I didn’t include a link to Old Glory because there are several Old Glory sites – and not a one of them has decent pictures of their miniatures.

La Pistola – The Tascosa Rose

Here’s my Star for an up coming game of Six Gun Sound – The Tascosa Rose.  Tascosa, like Tombstone and Deadwood was a wild and wooly town in the Texas panhandle.  The miniature is Maria Luisa from Knuckleduster Miniatures.

You might think being a “modern” woman, my inspiration for my character would be Penelope Cruz or Selma Hayek.  No, true to my floozy roots, my inspiration comes from Marie Gomez who played Chiquita in the wonderful 1966 film, The professionals.

The film was nominated for 3 Oscars, has a terrific cast, a memorable soundtrack – and if you watch it, you’ll be drinking tequila and wanting to join the “Revolucion!”  Claudia Cardinale is the female lead in this picture, but it is the true floozy who gets to die in the arms of Burt Lancaster.

Granny Smith

This fun figure is titled “Granny Smith” from Knuckleduster Miniatures and it was easy to paint.  The floozy may yearn for the days when she could have, might have looked like Marie Gomez, but if I don’t take better care of myself, I’ll have a lot in common with Granny Smith in another 10 years.  (Thank goodness for hair dye!)

Jamie (‘got a gun)

From time to time an author or artist sneaks a reference to a rock song into another genre (I’m looking at you Ed Teixeira).  And Forrest at Knuckleduster Miniatures seems to have done so here with a shout out to an Aerosmith song.  Anyway, here’s a miniature of a young woman who’s “got a gun. her whole world’s come undone.”

Again, like the Granny Smith figure, it’s a simple sculpt that displays a lot of emotion.  I really do like these Knuckleduster figures.

There were no floozies harmed in the making of this post, though my heart did go pitter-pat remembering Burt Lancaster!  Your comments are always welcome – they keep me going!

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  1. Oh, wow! Tascosa, I lived near there during my high school years. We visited the locati

  2. The Professionals is a wonderful movie, often overlooked by comparison to the Wild Bunch. When are you going to write a book for SGS?

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