Kassandra and Onastaa

Turning away from the Old West, I managed to finish two fantasy figures this week.  Both are from Reaper Miniatures, but from different ranges.


Onastaa is of course, a caster.  She is from Reaper’s Dark Heaven range.  She was sculpted by Sandra Garrity in either the late 1990s or early 2000s.  The figure is still available.  Believe it or not, I used 4 different shades of red on the dress.

One of the trademarks of a Sandra Garrity model is the attention spent on the hair.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Garrity female with short hair or with the hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Kassandra of the Blade

Reaper had a game that was ahead of its time, a large scale skirmish game which was played with 10 to 30 figures per side called Warlord.  With the game, came a new range of figures.  The Dark Heaven range was “heroic 28mm” and the Warlord range would be 30mm.  The Warlord figures also came with slotta bases instead of bases cast onto the model.  However, today’s Dark Heaven heroic 28mm figures are the same size as the Warlord 30mm figures.

What happened to the game?  Well, in my opinion, it suffered from one of Warhammer’s chief complaints – the newest modeled faction was always the most powerful and playing the game became an unbalanced mess.

Kassandra of the Blade was sculpted by Werner Klocke.  A gamer friend of mine once said that you could always tell when a figure was sculpted by Werner Klocke because it was “boobilicious.”  And in many ways that is true in the way Klocke sculpts the female form.  And like Garrity, he doesn’t shy away from sculpting a full head of hair!

The Count

Well, I completed 10 heroic 28mm figures this week, all which could honestly be called 30mm.  Here’s the count:

  •  13 28mm Fantasy Figures
  •  35 10mm Seven Years War Figures
  •  28 28mm Old West Figures
  •  5 28mm Colonial Era Figures
  •  15 20mm Spanish Civil War Figures
  •  12 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  •  Rebased 10 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  •  29 Terrain Pieces

The total of painted figures now stands at 106 figures – only 414 more to go!  Yeah, I know I probably won’t make the 520 figure goal, but it’s going to be fun trying to achieve it.

Don’t forget, there are other goals I’m aiming for the year – writing some scenario books, take a couple of road trips, lose an unspecified amount of weight (perhaps the hardest of the goals) and to attend MilleniumCon this year.

So please shower me with adulation and comments – well at least a few comments are nice and appreciated.  Until next time, “Good night, Mrs. Calabash wherever you are!”


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  1. You nailed it on WARLORD. I was one of the original playtesters, and loved the game. After playing and demoing the game for a few years, the updates ruined everything. The Second Edition(Wayne Reynolds cover) was nothing but a Munchkin-fest. All of my Reaper minis now live in Talomir….

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