Who is Caranath Bloodblade?

Games Workshop only gave names to major characters in its Warhammer games, so I was surprised when I came across a 1986 flyer advertising Dark Elf Night Assassins where all of the miniatures have names – names that didn’t appear in the army book published about 10 years later.

This past week I painted six Dark Elves that have been in the lead pile for years. I bought a lot of Dark Elves and Dwarfs at Millenium Con what seems like umpteen years ago – I’m pretty sure it was in the last century, I won the HoTT tournament with a mythical Khmer army in 15mm.

Caranath Bloodblade

Caranath Bloodblade was sculpted by Citadel Miniatures for Games Workshop’s Warhammer game. The miniature was available for the 2nd and 3rd editions of the game and became OOP with the 4th edition and the long awaited Dark Elf army book. If you have any idea who Caranath Bloodblade is in the Warhammer lore, please let me know.

Dark Elf Sword Maiden

Another Citadel model from a 1985 flyer – listed in the catalog as a Dark Elf Sword Maiden.

In 1988, Marauder Miniatures spun off of Citadel to concentrate on sculpting miniatures for Games Workshop. One of the changes was the introduction of a plastic domed shield in place of the Citadel flat round shields. The Marauder Miniatures were also slightly larger than Citadel, but had much of the same aesthetic and character as the Citadel sculpts. Wheras Citadel gave the miniatures a label, Marauder gave the miniatures a number. Here are three: DE4, DE9 and DE20.

Marauder Dark Elf – DE4
Marauder Miniatures Dark Elf – DE9
Marauder Miniatures Dark Elf – DE20

In the Dark Elf lot I purchased way back then were some Dark Elf miniatures from other companies. I have about a dozen of these spearmen. I think they are from Heartbreaker, sculpted by Chaz Elliot.

That’s it for the Dark Elves painted this week. For completeness, I threw in the two Witch Elves I painted last year into the group shot.


The painting insanity continues – the total number of figures painted this year is 159.

  • 34 28mm Fantasy Figures
  • 59 10mm Seven Years War Figures
  • 28 28mm Old West Figures
  • 5 28mm Colonial Era Figures
  • 15 20mm Spanish Civil War Figures
  • 18 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  • Rebased 11 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  • 35 Terrain Pieces

All comments, criticisms, grunts and groans are welcome. Floozies live to hear things about themselves, even if it is shameless gossip! Pictures were taken using my iPad.

Again, if you have any idea who Caranath Bloodblade is in Warhammer lore, please let me know! Here’s one last shot of the Marauder Dark Elves painted this week:

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  1. Iirc, that early in GW history all the miniatures had names. So there might not be any lore associated with him – they just used names instead of catalog numbers. They were very old school in this days lol.

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