Dancin’ Gals!

Way back in February, I did a post about the Can-Can where I had Zenithal primed three of the dancers. I ended that post wondering what color to paint the dresses. I ordered another pack of dancers, they come in packs of three and decided to paint three in primary colors and three in complementary colors.

The figures are from Knuckleduster Miniatures Gunfighter’s Ball range. The CanCan Dancers pack has three figures all in the same pose. Unlike other figures I’ve purchased in this range, these figures had a fair amount of flash and on some of them, the heel of the right shoe was missing.

For the most part, they were easy to paint, the only hard area to paint was area between the waist and the lifted part of the dress. One of the challenges was getting a different shade of black on the shoe from that of the stockings. This was achieved by adding a small highlight of Vallejo’s Gunmetal Gray to the shoes.

I do have a piano and piano player in the painting queue. It doesn’t make sense to have dancing girls without a music source.

The Count

The total of miniatures painted for the year has reached 175 with the addition of these lovely ladies.

  • 34 28mm Fantasy Figures.
  • 59 10mm Seven Years War Figures.
  • 44 28mm Old West Figures
  • 5 28mm Colonial Era Figures.
  • 15 20mm Spanish Civil War Figures.
  • 18 28mm Science Fiction Figures.
  • Rebased 11 28mm Science Fiction Figures.
  • 35 Terrain Pieces.

The photos were taken using my old iPad2. I probably should upgrade to a new one some day. Some of the newer apps and the latest operating system won’t run on the old dear. Then again, I really only use it now for email, music and taking photos, so there isn’t a big need to upgrade.

Comments, likes, shares, money, furs, booze are always appreciated by the Floozy ( the more the better in her wicked way of thinking).

Oh, and a bit of trivia! The Can-Can is a dance celebrating Napoleon’s victories, it includes a cavalry charge, artillery, a drum line and the infantry. This pose is known as “left shoulder arms!”

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