Starter Faction Pack – Plus 2

Coming off of the painting table today is the Starter Faction Pack from Knuckleduster’s Gunfighter’s Ball range. The faction packs come in packs of six figures and you save $3.oo by buying the figures by the pack over buying each figure individually.

Lately whenever I paint a batch of Knuckleduster miniatures, I pull a cowboy and an Indian out of the lead pile to paint at the same time. This time the cowboy is from Westwind/Old Glory’s Cowboy Wars range and the Indian is a Comanche from Conquest Miniatures.

Bob the Bartender

Bob is as open-minded as the next fellow, but he does ride herd on the “bar-room gladiators” – after all, a shoot-out is bad for business.

Buck-Toothed Billy

Buck-Toothed Billy, better known as Billy the Kid was a prominent feature around Tascosa. As the Lincoln County War wound down, Billy and friends had a lucrative livestock business going – they would steal horses in New Mexico and sell them in Texas and then steal cattle in Texas and sell them in New Mexico.

While most folk didn’t care much for Billy, they did like him better than Pat Garrett. Garrett, on the other hand, was favored by the big cattle ranches.

California Kate

This figure is not actually an accurate figure for the Old West – instead this figure was sculpted for use in Steampunk and Weird West games. It was a fun figure to paint and someday I may find a use for it.

Honest John, the Sheriff

This figure is a John Wayne shout-out from the 1959 film Rio Bravo where Wayne’s character was John T. Chance.

Mysterious Dave Mather

Mysterious Dave Mather was a lawman and gunslinger. He also served as a deputy to Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, but gained most of his notoriety as a marshal in New Mexico. It is said that he was called “Mysterious Dave” because of his taciturn personality – is “taciturn personality” a polite way of saying “creepy”?

Rowdy Jack

Rowdy Jack is just a typical cowboy figure, but he does seem to have a little bit of a Tom Selleck vibe to him.

Conquest Miniatures Comanche

A few years ago I bought several of the Comanche by Conquest Miniatures. I have old blog posts that are still referenced today where I painted the horses and the skin tones. Like a lot of my projects, they got pushed to the back burner. But slowly, I’m beginning to finish them.

Westwind Cowboy

Westwind/Old Glory have a Western range and game called Cowboy Wars. The game is considered by many as “unplayable”, but it’s main problem is that it was released when Foundry’s The Rules With No Name really gained traction. After all, why buy a mish-mash of convoluted rules when the core rules of TRWNN was free?

The miniatures are OK for the time when they were released – some of the sculpts are excellent and some are on the clunky side. The real draw back to this range has always been the crappy pictures on Old Glory websites. I mean, is it a crappy picture or a picture of a crappy mini?

The Count

With these 10 miniatures coming off of the painting table, my count of miniatures painted this year now stands an 192. I’m a little behind schedule if I’m going to make the goal of painting 520 figures in one year.

  • 38 28mm Fantasy Figures.
  • 59 10mm Seven Years War Figures.
  • 57 28mm Old West Figures.
  • 5 28mm Colonial Era Figures.
  • 15 20mm Spanish Civil War Figures.
  • Rebased 11 28mm Science Fiction Figures.
  • 35 Terrain Pieces.

Well, as always, your comments, suggestions and lavish gifts are certainly welcome. July starts tomorrow, the year is half over.

3 thoughts on “Starter Faction Pack – Plus 2

  1. Dear Elaine what copy of 6 Gun Sound do you have? Is it the rules by 2 Hour War-games or is it 6 Gun Sound Devil’s Elbow by Rebel MIni’s. Also which rules is easier to play 6 Gun Sound Blaze of Glory or 6 Gun Sound Devil’s Elbow I think it is printed by Rebel Mini’s. Please let me know Elaine. Thank you Richard Nelson.

    1. I have three versions of Six Gun Sound. Blaze of Glory is the most detailed, but is slower to play with older game mechanics. I like Devil’s Elbow because it gives me the choice of playing on the table top with lots of terrain, or I can use a battle board like what you find in most RPGs. Devil’s Elbow is the newest version of the game.

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