Death in the Jungle – Part 2

This is the second part of a battle report covering a Colonial Adventures game. There are 132 figures in the French column and the Rebel army has 298 figures. It may seem a bit lopsided in the Rebels favor, but actually the French rifles and mountain howitzer tend to even things out. This battle report is different from ones I’ve done in the past – I’ve taken a lot more photos than I usually do. I guess I find this period to be colorful.

Turn 1

Rebels activate first. Tippu Tib’s Arab Slavers change to open order as they move onto a wooded hill.
The Leaping Gazelle Impi also changes to open order as they navigate the same wooded hill.
The Charging Bull Impi moves rapidly, the Rebels hope to strike the column hard in the center cutting it in two.
Ode’s Forest Song Impi tries to move swiftly to join Charging Bull, but is forced to slow down & change to open order as they enconter the edge of the woods.
Delu’s Mountain Song Impi threads its way through the woods.
The second and third waves advance – Left Flank.
Second and third waves advance – the Center.
Second & third waves advance – the Right Flank.
The French activate. Lt. Brehaut’s Ruga-Rugas form a skirmish line at the base of the hill.
Capt. Regnier takes command of 1st Platoon, A Co. & forms a firing line on the hill.
2nd Platoon forms a line next to 1st Platoon & back a few paces. Maj. Rousteau takes command. The French strategy is to use the hill to anchor its right flank & stagger it units in line to deny the left flank to the enemy.
The Civilians move behind the line toward the shelter of the reverse slope of the hill.
Capt. Chievre takes command of 1st Platoon, B Co. & forms a line leaving a gap on his right for the Mountain Gun.
2nd Platoon, B Co. forms line next to 1st Platoon continuing to stagger back.
The Mountain Gun moves behind the line toward its place between the two companies.
Sgt. Dufort’s Ruga-Rugas deploy as skirmishers at the end of the French line.

Turn 2

In turn one, the Nobelongga Rebels began their attack moving across the battlefield with the terrain forcing some units to change to open order. Tribal units can perform one action each turn, while European units can perform two. The French used their two actions to move into place and change formations. The second turn will see contact between the two armies.

Rebels win activation. Tippu Tib’s Slavers continue moving down the wooded hill.
The Leaping Gazelle Impi emerges from the wooded hill beside the Charging Bull Impi. Bongani orders the Charging Bull to charge, but they halt in place.
Ode’s Forest Song Impi clears the woods & charges the 2nd Platoon, A Co. The 2nd Platoon volley fires, but misses.
Forest Song passes the Received Fire test & makes contact with the 2nd Platoon.
2nd Platoon takes 1 casualty & Forest Song takes 3 – both sides pass the Received Casalty test & Carry On.
The Mountain Song Impi moves to the edge of the woods.
Waves 2 & 3 advance – Left Flank.
Waves 2 & 3 advance – Center.
Waves 2 & 3 advance – Right Flank.
French activate. Lt. Brehaut’s Ruga-Rugas fire at the Mountain Song Impi & miss, which angers the women warriors – they charge.
Mountain Song takes 1 casualty, the Ruga-Ruga take 5 casualties & 1 Ruga-Ruga runs away.
Lt. Foucquet takes a detachment from 1st Platoon, A Co. & charges the Mountain Song Impi in an attempt to relieve the Ruga-Ruga.
Foucquet’s detachment takes 2 casualties, while the women warriors take 1. The rest of 1st Platoon under Capt. Rgnier holds its position.
The Civilians gather on the hill behind 1st Platoon.
2nd Platoon, A Co. push back the Forest Song Impi – the women lose 5 warriors as casualties & 4 run away.
The Mountain Gun moves into place & unpacks.
1st Platoon, B Co. volley fires at the Charging Bull Impi causing 2 casualties & -1 to Rep. Stunned, the Impi halts in place & 3 warriors run away.
The 2nd Platoon, B Co. volley fires at the Leaping Gazelle Impi – the Impi takes 2 casualties & -1 to Rep.
The Leaping Gazelle Impi charges the 2nd Platoon, which fires again – the Impi takes a casualty and another 3 warriors run away before contact.
The melee proves too much for the Leaping Gazelle, they take 4 casualties & run away, while 2nd Platoon takes 1 casualty & carries on.
Sgt. Dufort’s Ruga-Rugas fire at the Arab Slavers emerging from the wooded hill. Tippu Tib’s Slavers take only 1 casualty, but 6 slavers run away.

After two turns, the French seem to be holding their own. However two thirds of Isawannayu’s army is still coming at them and there is some real concern on the French right flank. If the rebels take the right flank, the French lose their escape path to the Longga River. Turns 3 and 4 are in the next post.

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