Death in the Jungle – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of a picture heavy battle report using the Colonial Adventures rules. The game actually plays quickly, it’s when someone (like yours truly) takes a photo after every dice roll that slows the game down. This post covers turns 3 and 4 where Isawannayu’s elite Lioness Guard assaults the French line.

Turn 3

Rebels win activation. The melee between the Mountain Song Impi & the Ruga-Ruga reinforced by Foucquet’s detachment continues resulting in 2 French casualties & 2 run away.
Forest Song continues to fight 2nd Platoon, they take 4 casualties & 1 runs away. Meanwhile, Charging Bull Impi finally charges. 1st Platoon, B Co. volley fires, the rebels take 2 casualties, a -1 to Rep & 4 run away – but this time, the Charging Bull doesn’t halt.
Disaster! When Charging Bll made contact with the French line, it was wiped out to a man – 1st Platoon takes 1 casualty & carries on.
Tippu Tib’s Arab Slavers finally clear the wooded hill & establisn an open order firing line.
The rest of the Rebel Army advances – left flank.
The rest of the Rebel Army advances – center.
The rest of the Rebel Army advances – right flank.
The French activate. Faced with the prospect of losing the right flank, Capt. Regnier charges his detachment into the melee with the Mountain Song Impi.
With Regnier’s detachment, the French take 1 casualty while inflicting 4 on the Mountain Song. No longer having superior numbers, the Amazons flee.
The Owl Song Impi see their fleeing sisters & 6 of their number also run away forcing Owl Song to halt & reorganize.
2nd Platoon, A Co. dispatches the last of the Forest Song. Lt. Flandre’s Mountain Gun roars as it cuts through the Water Song Impi causing 5 casualties & 3 Amazons run away.
The fierce black Amazons charge the gun. The mountain gun fires again causing another 3 casualties & 1 to run away.
The women contact the gun crew taking 1 casualty while the gun crew takes 2. A detachment of 1st Platoon, B Co. charges the women in front of the gun. The Water Song Impi countercharges receiving 2 casualties & the detachment takes 1.
2nd Platoon, B Co. volley fires at Tippu Tib’s Arab Slavers causing 1 casualty & -1 to Rep. The Ruga-Ruga detachment also fires at the Slavers causing 2 casualties & 2 to run away.

Turn 4

The French win activation. The remnant of the Ruga-Ruga detachment is ordered to join & defend the civilians.
1st Platoon, A Co., reorganizes at the base of the hill.
2nd Platoon, A Co., extends its line.
The detachment from 1st Platoon, B Co., defeats the Water Song Impi. The women warriors take 2 casualties & the last one runs away. For its 2nd action, the detachment rejoins its platoon.
The Mountain Gun fires at the Lioness Guard Impi inflicting 1 casualty. The Impi advances.
The detachment of 1st Platoon that was not engaged in melee fires at the Roaring Lion Impi causing 1 casualty. This prompts the Roaring Lion to charge, the platoon volley fires inflicting 1 casualty, -1 to Rep & 3 run away.
Roaring Lion makes contact – 1st Platoon, B Co. takes 1 casualty while the Impi takes 3 casualties & 4 run away.
2nd Platoon, B Co., volley fires at Tippu Tib’s Slavers causing 1 casualty, -1 to Rep & 1 runs away. Then the Ruga-Ruga detachment fires at the slavers inflaicting another casualty & another to run away.
The Rebels activate. The Owl Song Impi wanted to charge, but halted in place.
The Lioness Guard charges the mountain gun & 2nd Platoon, A Co. The French fire inflicting 4 casualties, but can’t stop the charge.
The Lioness Guard crashes into the French – the Amazons take 1 casualty, 2nd Platoon takes 1 casualty, but the mountain gun takes 2 casualties, including Lt. Flandre, the remaining crewman flees.
1st Platoon, B Co., inflicts 2 casualties on the Roaring Lion Impi, the warriors carry on. Meanwhile, the Crocodile Impi advances to charging distance.
The Heron’s Wing Impi advances.
Tippu Tib’s Slavers fire at the Ruga-Ruga causing 1 casualty. Chief Buhle’s Retinue chares. The Ruga-Ruga fire causing 1 casualty, but don’t stop the charge.
Melee doesn’t go well for the Forest People against the Ruga-Ruga, they lose 5 warriors, but they carry on.
Mtagamoyo’s Arab Slavers advance.
Hornet’s Sting Impi advances.
The Lost Sheep Impi brings up the rear.

The French were lucky in that they won the initiative at the start of turn 4. This allowed them to take a badly mauled unit out of the line & to reorganize their units. But was it enough? The Nobelongga Rebels continue to grind on the French line & now its elite unit, the Lioness Guard is invested in the fray. Turns 5 & 6 are in the next post.

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