Supporting Actors?

Before Knuckleduster began using computer rendering to design their figures, the figures were a little on the clunky or chunky side, but with a lot of character. Don’t get me wrong, the figures produced now by Knuckleduster are truly amazing. But the old ones have a character that make them just adorable.

This week I painted ten of these older figures and they suspiciously resemble some actors from Hollywood Westerns.

First up is a soiled dove and a lady reaching for a derringer tucked in a garter. She’s well armed, she has a knife in the other garter. Her hairstyle and pose just screams Shelley Winters in Frenchie.

The next fellow, pictured here with one of Knuckleduster’s Hitching Rail Horses, has to be Hank Worden. Who was in nearly every John Wayne film ever made.

Oh, there were other bald supporting actors in Westerns such as Walter Brennan and William Frawley, but look at that pose! That’s Hank Worden!

Of these early Knuckleduster sculpts, this one is as plain as the nose on your face – Gabby Hayes.

The horse is another one of the Hitching Rail horses.

This one is a bit harder. There isn’t much of a face on this figure. But there are three things that point to his identity – the pose, the hat and the nose.

This figure is probably Randolph Scott. The other figure is from the old wounded gunfighters pack.

Finally, is a pair of miniatures whose faces aren’t that recognizable, but the clothing and poses announce these two as the Duke and Walter Brennan.

With the shotgun and keys on his belt, this is probably Walter Brennan as Stumpy from Rio Bravo.

The Count

Painting Old West figures this week was a nice break. This brings my total of painted miniatures for the year to 88.

  • 8 28mm Fantasy Figures
  • 60 6mm Ancient Greek Figures
  • 10 10mm Seven Years War Figures
  • 10 28mm Old West Figures
  • 11 Pieces of Terrain

The Corner of Miscellany

This week, my play list has had a lot of Red Velvet. So here’s their latest song:

5 thoughts on “Supporting Actors?

    1. Yeah, when we were little, the only movies daddy took us to see were either Disney or Westerns. When I was 12, my aunt & uncle moved & left me their horse. I had visions of barrel racing, but that horse was just to ornery. I do love Westerns. In fact, every time I go to the county courthouse, I see a large portrait of Audie Murphy, he was from a little town in Collin County about 25 miles away from me.

  1. Elaine there were some westerns that had Deforest Kelly in them before He became Doctor Bones Mcoy on the Original Star Trek.Also Leonard Nemoy was sometimes a Outlaw in westerns also Richard.

  2. Nice posts. I’m a big fan of the old west (my default genre when not side tracked) and love the Knuckleduster minis. I had picked up on many of the figures being based on movie charachters but these ones had passed me by. Well spotted!

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