Blue & Green – Part 1


Here’s a new story, broken over several parts. Blog posts are typically short forms, so I can only reasonably do one scene at a time to hold the typical blog reader’s interest. I’m not knocking a reader’s attention span – I’m acknowledging that a blog post is a short form & not a novel.

Anyway, I hope you find this series entertaining. Please feel free to provide feedback & comments.

At the Art Museum

The distinct clicking and clacking of high heels echoing upon a granite floor fell silent when they stepped onto the carpet of the alien artifacts exhibit.  High heeled shoes had existed for millennia and were once again in vogue as symbols of power, wealth and sensuality.  These heels belonged to two tall leggy women dressed in fine silks and supple leather.  One wore a luxurious faux fur (real furs had been outlawed for centuries).  They were adorned with precious jewels and wore the stylish hats that were all rage among the social elite.  But what really set them apart from the other museum patrons was their brilliant blue skin.

Pointing to the museum’s latest acquisition, Baebee Trevors said “I cut any and all ties to the sisterhood and the home world years ago, but when I saw this, I had to let someone know.”

“Mother of mercy,” said Jiyoon Mar under her breath, “I’ve never seen one intact before.”

While Jiyoon Mar stepped around the artifact, Baebee pulled a small compact out of her purse.  She opened it as if to adjust her makeup, but instead she used the compact’s mirror to keep watch.

Jiyoon could almost have stood inside of the artifact, it seemed obvious it had been attached to something much larger.  “If the housing is intact, where are the interior components?” she asked.

“Just guessing, I would say they’re in some secret lab somewhere.  That’s what frightens me the most about these humans, their curiosity coupled with their insatiable greed will get us all killed someday” replied Baebee. 

Xeogs in my collection, thus far

“I wonder where they found it?” asked Jiyoon.

Baebee played with the lace veil of her hat keeping her gaze in the small mirror.  “We may soon find out, here comes our pigeon” she said.

“Pigeon?” Jiyoon asked.

“A small docile bird – it also means an easy, often foolish, target” Baebee answered.

The male human was almost average in height.  He appeared middle-aged with a receding hairline of gray and brown hair.  He also had a paunch indicating a lack of physical activity.  He had narrow eyes which focused first on the hem of Baebee’s skirt and went up her legs to her hips.  After a brief pause, the gaze continued up to Baebee’s plunging neckline before finally making eye contact.  He gave a smirky grin and said, “Why Mrs. Trevors, I’m so very pleased to see you again.”

“Oh, Mr. Weeks, the pleasure is all ours,” cooed Baebee.  “You’re just the person we were needing.”

“How may I help you lovely ladies?” he asked turning his gaze to Jiyoon, a gaze which immediately went to her hips.  Jiyoon felt as though his gaze attempted to undress her. 

Baebee replied, “Mr. Weeks, I’d like you to meet my friend, Jiyoon Mar. Jiyoon, I’d like you to meet Mr. – “

“Jonathan, Jonathan Weeks, at your service,” he said extending his hand.

Xeog size comparison – L to R: Shadowforge, Wargames Foundry, Reaper, Acheson Creations, Ground Zero Games

“Yes, Mr. Jonathan Weeks, the curator of our museum” continued Baebee.  “Jiyoon is a spy and a thief, Jonathan, and she has questions I just simply can’t answer.”

Jonathan Weeks’ narrow eyes widened with surprise and he instinctively pulled his hand back. “A spy and a thief?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Baebee, “though you know her type as an interior designer.  They’re always spying and stealing from one another.  I’ve yet to meet one who’s ever had a truly original idea.  Anyway, she wants to steal your artifact.”

With a nervous laugh, Jiyoon said “I’m afraid Baebee is embellishing the truth, Mr. Weeks.  I’m not here to actually ‘steal’ the artifact, but having seen it, I do wish to copy aspects of the piece and perhaps incorporate its aesthetics into a future work.”

Weeks feigned a small laugh and said “It is an impressive piece.  Our archeologists haven’t been able to translate the writing as of yet.  It evidently had a functional purpose, yet the lettering and colorations certainly lend the panel an artistic flair.”

Group Shot of Female Aliens

“Why do you call it a ‘panel’, Mr. Weeks?” Jiyoon asked.  “It’s rather obvious it is a housing of some sort – several mounting brackets are still intact.  Any idea as to what it housed?”

“Housing, panel, it’s all the same to me,” Weeks replied.  “I’m afraid I’m an art business major and know nothing of engineering.  I’m assuming it covered gears and things.  What would you guess it covered?”

Jiyoon smiled, “Oh, I don’t know, perhaps a particle beam weapon capable of slicing a starship in half.”  She paused and looked at Weeks.  He had a blank expression on his face, so she decided to dangle the bait to see if he would bite.  “There’s also a legend on my home world in which the ancients could open a rift in the fabric of time space to travel to other universes.”  His expression didn’t change, the man was clueless.

Size comparison of Aliens: Tallarian (Corvus Belli), Kobatsu (Bronze Age), Basic (Reaper), Xeog (Foundry) & Ilyarian (Reaper)

“Pshaw!  Childhood fairy tales” Baebee interjected.  “My dear Jonathan Weeks, I simply must leave you with my friend.  I’m meeting my husband, Ranson, for lunch and it sorely displeases him if I’m late.”

“Of course, Mrs. Trevors.  Please convey my gratitude to Mr. Trevors for his continued support of our museum” said Weeks.

“Certainly, darling” Baebee said.  She turned to Jiyoon and said “Now, it’s up to you to work your magic.”

Alien Comparison Continued: Razor (Bronze Age Sculpting Dolly), Scrunt (Hasslefree), Basic (Reaper), Grey (Reaper), Grey (Zombiesmith)

After Baebee’s departing heels began echoing clicks and clacks in the granite hallway, Jonathan Weeks turned his attention to Jiyoon and asked, “Work your magic, Miss Mar?”

Jiyoon replied “Another of Baebee’s jokes, Mr. Weeks.  She thinks I should seduce you.”

“Miss Mar!  Seduce me?” asked Weeks.  His surprise was an obvious act.  Upon uttering his words, he licked his lips.

Jiyoon briefly wondered if in the dim far past, Xeog males had been as preoccupied with sex.  She laughed, “It’s ‘Ms. Mar,’ Mr. weeks.  ‘Miss’ is a title for an innocent girl.  As you can see, I’m no longer a girl and,” she paused for effect, “and I’m far from innocent.  Why don’t we go somewhere to take lunch where you can tell me how you acquired such a wonderful artifact?”

The Shoulder Dance

Here is the shoulder dance all the kids are raving about. When I try it, I hear lots of popping & crunching! It’s from the Music Video “Wannabe” by Itzy, which has a nice empowering message – “I don’t wanna be somebody, I just wanna be me.” Enjoy!

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