They Came From France! – Void Elves

Raging Heroes Void Elves as Xeogs

On the other side of the world from me is a company, Raging Heroes, which specialize in manufacturing female miniatures which can be used in various science fiction and fantasy games, but are aimed as alternative sculpts for use in Warhammer 40K. Their answer to GWs Dark Eldar are the Void Elves. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to see the Void Elves as Xeog boarding parties or privateers in the 5150 verse. So, I purchased the Void Raiders Extended Pack which was on sale at the time.

It took only a couple of weeks to arrive, but mind you, this was before the COVID-19 outbreak. The minis are resin and felt really greasy to the touch. It was imperative to give these a good soak in a degreaser & rinse them thoroughly to remove the mold agent residue.

Usually after a good cleaning, I just use regular black paint as a primer, but the paint had difficulty sticking. So I used black gesso to prime the miniatures, I use gesso to prime all of my metal miniatures. I followed the primer with a white Zenithal highlight.

The pack included 10 “Lust” Elves. In GW lore, the Dark Eldar are slavers, so these miniatures came with nets, whips & man-catchers as optional weapons. I assembled all of mine with machine pistols and daggers. I painted 4 with green skin & 6 with blue.

There are many, many videos and blog posts showing the unboxing and assembled Raging Heroes miniatures. However, there are very few I’ve been able to find with finished painted miniatures. As with all multi-part kit manufacturers, Raging Heroes states that the figures can be assembled in multiple poses. And like all multi-part kit manufacturers, this is only partially true. I found this out the hard way, after assembling the arms and heads in poses I thought looked neat – I discovered the hair either couldn’t be assembled or it fit in a very odd almost unreal manner.

Therefore when assembling any Raging Heroes miniatures, attach the torso to the legs, the head to the torso and the hair to the head before attaching the arms. It will make your life easier and you will thank me for it.

Next, I painted 10 of the Void Elf Hunters. These come with head options, you can choose helmets or bare heads. They also come with some weapons options. It is possible to assemble all of the models with just rifles, but pistols, assault weapons and heavy weapons are available.

I still have 10 more hunters to paint and I’m not in a big hurry to do so. I call these the “storks” – they are supposed to be in dynamic running poses. Instead, they look like ballerinas. No one who is running touches the opposite butt-cheek with the heel of his or her shoe. I don’t mind a miniature that is posed on one leg as if it is running. The Lust Elves are posed that way & they look natural. These one-legged Hunter Elves just look silly. Maybe they’ll grow on me & I’ll eventually paint them.

The Count

The count of painted figures for the year now stands at 146.

  • 13 28mm Fantasy Figures
  • 60 6mm Ancient Greek Figures
  • 22 10mm Seven Years War Figures
  • 10 28mm Old West Figures
  • 8 28mm Colonial Era Figures
  • 33 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  • 41 Pieces of Terrain
  • Rebased 13 Science Fiction Figures

As always, your comments, suggestions and adoration of Floozies everywhere are appreciated.

And finally, from way back in my high school days, a light-hearted dig at those who like bald aliens:

3 thoughts on “They Came From France! – Void Elves

  1. Lol! Bald is the true way !! 🙂

    Great figures, but I see waht you mean about the “storks” as you call them, very unatural looking.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. You are far too kind to Raging Heroes! I ordered some of their fantasy elves and what a waste of money they were. Didn’t fit together well, were super-fiddly to get glued together, and then the standing-on-one-leg poses equalled figures snapping off at the ankle in play. I won’t buy from them again. I’m really impressed with the job that you did because I know how difficult these are to put together!

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