June Fantasy

June is nearly over, so here are the fantasy miniatures I managed to paint this month. As you can tell, by the last few posts, my attention span – well, let’s be polite and say it wanders all over the place. I’ve painted fantasy, ancient Greeks, seven years’ war, and WWII figures this month and in three different scales – 6mm, 10mm & 28mm. If you think my figure painting is scattered all over the place, you should see my writing projects!


When I first got into this hobby, there were very, very few female sculpts. My brother has a thing for elves, so my first figures were Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs and Warhammer 40K Squats. Perhaps the only regret I have in this hobby is that I sold off my Squats many years ago. I hung on to the Dwarfs, but after a hiatus from gaming, I didn’t like the paint jobs, so I stripped them all, primed them, put them in a box and forgot about them. Well, I’m trying to paint everything in my lead pile, so I’ve been painting a few each month.

My original color scheme for this army is blue and yellow. I’ve decided to stick with it, though toned down from the bright 1990’s GW ‘Eavy Metal scheme.

The shield decal is from Foundry’s Viking decals.


Dissatisfied with Warhammer Fantasy, I began looking for other rules for my figures. I tried TSR’s Battlesystem and Chipco’s Fantasy Rules before discovering Two Hour Wargames. In my first attempt to build an all female army, I purchased eight or ten figures of Liara Silverrain from Reaper Miniatures’ Dark Heaven Legends range – and like so many of my figures, have languished partially painted in a box. I think they have all been painted except for one, which I just couldn’t get to this month.

Big Sister

A few years ago, a local comic book store decided to stop selling miniatures except for Games Workshop, Privateer Press and figures that came with board games. They slashed prices and at one point, they were so cheap that even a floozy had to buy some. (I bought most of my Infinity figures at that time.) Cool Mini or Not had a skirmish game and a picked up a box of eight miniatures which normally sold for $35 to $40 for only $5. I’m just now getting around to painting them. I’m not sure what they are – demons? ogres? trolls? orcs?

Anyway, they are called “Wrath Brothers” and are led by “Big Sisters.” The set has six wrath brothers and two big sisters. I assembled them and managed to paint one of the big sisters.

“Badda bing, badda boom, boom, boom!”

BLACKPINK realeased a new music video on Friday, and it is setting records. They set a new YouTube record with over 94 million views in 24 hours. It’s a song about being dumped and rising above it with confidence and attitude. Being someone who loves classical Greece, I understood the imagery of winged Nike, but they lost me with the Trojan horse. I haven’t figured that one out. Here’s the video, if you aren’t normally a K-Pop music fan:

If you ever get stumped finding a color scheme for painting a sci-fi figure, watch a little K-Pop – I don’t know of any other media that does color and style for a futuristic setting so well.

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